Jean-Pierre Foucault : why he doesn’t want to go in It is not lying – Here

Jean-Pierre Foucault will not do the promo of his new book on the shelf is not lying. The facilitator explains why.

The issue is not lying is far from unanimous. While Patrick Sebastien does more to set foot on the set of Laurent Ruquier, after having been violently down by Yann Moix in April 2016, Jean-Pierre Foucault does, also, not the talk show in his heart.

Guest on Tuesday of the Big Mouths on the RMC, the host of the French tv channel TF1 has revealed why we would ever see One is not lying. Jean-Pierre Foucault, who has lifted the foot in his career to give way to more young people, takes much more distance with the television that he is now ” aggressive “.

“When one is a guest in a tv show, it goes to court. It is in the face of people and asks the question : “what is it that they are going to tell me ? Is it that I would have enough arms to be able to defend myself ?” I had a principle : when I got someone, it is that I liked it. Otherwise I do not receive, simply. It is still much more simple ! “said Jean-Pierre Foucault, which does not make the promo of his book, Velosolex, the saga of the moped, in the chair of Laurent Ruquier.

“How do you think I care about mr. Moix and mademoiselle Angot ? (…) I think I was invited but unfortunately, my schedule stopping me, “said the host, before admitting that he did” not want to go there “. Jean-Pierre Foucault, however, has wanted to be clear : he is not afraid to go to It is not lying.

“I don’t want to go there, but not by fear, because I think I know how to handle the verbs, and I think I can defend myself. But I don’t want to get out of the arguments. Very honestly, I very much appreciate the man, Laurent Ruquier, but I don’t want to be face a court because I have nothing to reproach me, ” revealed the presenter, which already has 50 years of career to his counter.

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