Jean-Marc Parent at the Amphitheatre

jean-marc-parent-reviendra-honneur(Trois-Rivieres) This is the comedian Jean-Marc Parent that we have reserved the honor of being the first comedian to present his solo show at the Amphitheatre Cogeco. The event will take place Saturday, September 3 announced the Corporation of Trois-Rivieres events Thursday.

Figure important of humor in Quebec for 25 years, Jean-Marc Parent has seen huge success on stage and on television. Over the years, he has won 15 trophies including three Olivier Olivier of the year, five times the most popular show and twice the comedy show of the year.

A little more discreet for a while, he made ​​a triumphant return with his Torture sight that resulted in his tenth tour career. He received the trophy of the year show at the Gala des Oliviers 2012 and one of the most popular show three times, in 2012, 2013 and 2015. The tour attracted more than 300 000 people across the province.

However, like the provision that Parent had offered to the Festival Western de Saint-Tite in 2015, is not this show that will present on September 3, but a unique event that will leave no doubt a good place to ‘improvisation. Parent will be joined on stage by his DJ which means that the music will take an important place in the delivery.

The Director General of the Corporation Steve Dubé events indicated Thursday that the name of Jean-Marc Parent is on the list of candidates for a show on the huge stage of the Amphitheatre for a long time.

“We talk about the long internal because it is one of the few comedians who has proven to such large crowds. If anyone can capture the attention of an audience in a vast space that Cogeco Amphitheatre is certainly it. ”

Moreover, the CEO does not bind to specific time for the end of the show, telling himself ready for anything, considering the propensity of Jean-Marc Parent to surrender to improvisation and to extend the duration of its shows .

“It is not his torture show, but a unique and original event with new material. It remains a Jean-Marc Parent event, then we have no choice to be ready for all eventualities. ”

It does not appear that there is a clear willingness on the part of the charge of programming at the Amphitheatre Cogeco to establish a niche humor there.

“We will see each year the opportunities that will present themselves to us. Obviously, it is in close contact with the Cultural Development Corporation because we know that humor is a component that is important to them. There is a complicity between us and still is working to avoid getting hurt. ”

“When the opportunity for a super nice outside happening on the waterfront, with Jean-Marc Parent has presented, for sure we were very pleased to program it. Parent was perhaps the most obvious candidate but it is certainly not close the door to other comedians in the future. ”

Dubé said to be convinced that the Amphitheatre lends itself very well to humor. “It was a beautiful site, it is an extremely warm room and despite its size, because of its particular configuration, there is a real proximity between artists and spectators. Still, it takes comedians ready for this challenge and then Jean-Marc Parent has done many times and brilliantly in the past. ”

For now, this is the show that will put an end to outdoor activities at the Amphitheater for 2016 but nothing is final.

“We maintain contact and if opportunities arise to provide an interesting event, it does not close the door. Yes, there are discussions taking place, I will not hide, but for now, we are fully satisfied with our programming this summer with Cirque du Soleil, Trois-Rivières en Blues, Celine and now Jean -Marc Parent. Nevertheless, if something interesting comes, we will take the time to evaluate it. ”

For the occasion, there will be tickets for seating, a configuration that can accommodate 3,500 spectators.

Tickets go on sale Saturday, May 28 at 11 am at www.amphitheatrecogeco.com at the ticket hall and Thompson at 819 380-9797. For seats in the 300 section, it will cost $ 35 (plus taxes and service charges) while for section 100, the price will be $ 42.

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