Jean Dujardin made his return in a television series, but not in France – Here

Jean Dujardin returns in a tv series you’ve dreamed of ? And you should know that you will be delighted. Well, almost…

Jean Dujardin and the United States, it is a story of love that lasts. Since he has fallen in love with the country thanks to his performance in The Artist, and that he became friends with George Clooney, the little Frenchie has a nice popularity with our friends across the Atlantic. And he had nice to say that to work in the United States ” it sucks “, the former of Alexandra Lamy has apparently changed his mind since he will make his return on the small screen in the country of uncle Sam. Varietyannonce that Jean Dujardin will soon be the star of a police series that aired on ABC and which will be led by another French : Luc Besson.

“The French Detective, the show will follow the investigations carried out by Jean Dujardin, aka Luke Moncrief, a police officer paris came to settle and work in New York. An exile from the us who allows him to escape his past, necessarily complicated, to try to make a new start. A role of dark cop tortured rubs her complex investigations and violent, miles away from that of Loulou in A guy, a girl who had made it known to the general public there are already 18 (here which we’re not). The pilot of the series should be filmed in the coming months.

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