Jamel Debbouze is making fun of the new “quirks” of his mom – Here

Jamel Debbouze has spoken on family life, and especially on his mom, very close to her two children.

After six years of absence, Jamel Debbouze made his return on stage with Now or Jamel, an intimate show where he talks about the upheavals of his life. Father of two children, Leon and Lila, that he has had with Mélissa Theuriau, the humorist is very much devoted to his home these past few years. A rich family of a dual culture and of which he was very proud on Tuesday to the microphone of RTL.

“Our parents made the journey absolutely bonkers in three generations. My father was born in Tazah in a barn, like Jesus. I was born in Barbès, in a kitchen not equipped. And my children are born at the american hospital, in an iPad, ” joked the comedian. Impossible for the latter not to mention his mother, as he has always done on stage.

The big boss of the Marrakech laughter revealed that she was very close to his children. “My mother has known longer another thing that we do, he entrusted to you. I live in a new neighborhood, she has grandchildren, she brings Leo to the school with his two girlfriends, Bridget and Ségolène, she wants to experience new things! She wants to eat gluten-free, do zumba, go shopping to the Supermarket, she wants to learn Arabic to our children, and she wants a Yorkshire ! A York-very-expensive. “A small quirk that he can hardly refuse him.

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