Jamal was stunned by a Frank recognition of the son: “He was the same age…”

Джамала ошеломила откровенным признанием о сыне: «Он именно в том возрасте...»

Popular Ukrainian singer of Crimean Tatar origin Jamala told about the relationship with his son

As reported Politeka, the singer published in Instagram.

“I caught myself thinking that 24/7 are under close surveillance. I think all moms have now very well understood. Mircic at precisely the age when everything is interesting, everything must be investigated to understand how it works, and most importantly — he begins to copy the behavior of the reaction. Of course, I want to be an example for him. So now more than ever, trying to control all of your gestures, emotions and words, knowing that for me every day closely very curious kid,” she said.

Джамала ошеломила откровенным признанием о сыне: «Он именно в том возрасте...»

Netizens decided to support Jamal and reacted to her words with understanding, as all parents admitted that they felt close attention to their children.

As previously reported,the Jamal admits that she is ready to push his career on the second plan, if we are talking about family. So, the singer told us that he wants to have many children and are ready to leave the stage to give little Emir Rahman brother or sister. Star mom says that she misses her boy while touring and always in a hurry home to make him into a hug. She gladly shares with fans of heartwarming family photo and shows how the rising son

But this time she decided to show on the page in Instagram new happy photo with their fan.

In the photo the singer sits in the arms of a big Teddy bear. While Jamala on the face you can see a big satisfied smile.

“Met a fan who just couldn’t say no to the photo,” wrote the singer under the.

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Netizens noticing so happy the started to actively comment on. A Jamal showered with compliments, and others noted that, too, would like the bear himself.

Джамала ошеломила откровенным признанием о сыне: «Он именно в том возрасте...»

Recall that Jamal showed photos of a grown son.

Also Politeka wrote that Jamal lit ample Breasts and conquered the Ukrainians

As reported Politeka, Jamal with popular Ukrainian musician suddenly started talking about love.