Jamal told how he spent our first family vacation with a newborn son

Джамала рассказала, как провела первый семейный отдых с новорожденным сыном

Ukrainian singer believes that the performances on stage, it’s nothing beats

The winner of the Eurovision song contest 2016 Jamal told how she spent first family vacation with a newborn son. The singer also admitted that she missed the scene and was happy again to be on this scale. Details of rest after the birth, she said in an interview with Katya Osadchaya in the “high life”.

The singer admitted that pleasure was always in a bathing suit and despite the fact that the baby sleeps quite noisy, it was still vacation.

“25 days, I was just in a swimsuit because I needed something to wear in 35 degrees. Despite the fact that I still feed and he (the son) is still waking up three times a night, still do. When you have a day to just swim and sunbathe — it’s cool,” said the singer.

For the rest of Jamal husband and I chose Turkey. They went to her sister Jamala and rested together.

“So cool was that we were in the neighborhood. I could leave it for Emir, and she happily nursed. Also my niece. They just nearly broke him. Really wanted to play with him. I was very lucky, so that we together family rest. Although the nurse also took it because it was still our first vacation with baby, and we didn’t know how everything will be and wanted it to be 100%,” shared the singer.

Return home Jamal gave the first big solo concert after the baby is born. The girl admitted that she felt when she came on the scene.

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“There are even more sensuality. When I came out I wanted to cry from happiness that I’m back on my favorite scene. Stay — cool, kid is cool, but the scene I love,” admitted the actress.


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