Jamal flashed his bare feet: “the only remains…”

Джамала сверкнула голыми ногами: «только и остается…»

Jamal surprised fans with a new and open way

Ukrainian singer did not hesitate to wear a very racy dress.

Jamal in his Instagram account shared a very sexy photo. The picture shows the star appeared in the “snake” dress that bared her legs. Also the outfit is quite immodest neckline.

Джамала сверкнула голыми ногами: «только и остается…»

Feet Jamala cute yellow sandals. The singer sitting on the stairs in the room in sun protection glasses. Beside her is a Cup of coffee lies a bright yellow handbag.

“There are people who managed to go on summer vacation, to forget about him and already want to leave. Therefore, it only remains to sit under a palm tree, drinking coffee and imagine yourself on the beach” – so signed his photo artist.

Fans Jamala was delighted with the pictures. Fans noted that the singer looks great. Have appreciated the dignity of her slender legs and outfit.

“How not to get stuck on your feet? Always dreamed of”, “Duzhe udale photos, Garn nice!”, “You are just gorgeous. PS the Main thing is to pull the sock”, “God, that bosonic”, “So beautiful”, “Let ja ,VI neimovirna,” wrote commentators.

Someone complained that vacation this summer it does not Shine: “And sche ye the people, that saranwali postco the sea, paid, sahuaro, versali appendicitis , ” now about vdustry sea mruti, But I did not go and will not go… work to do”.

Джамала сверкнула голыми ногами: «только и остается…»

As previously reported, the Jamal remembered the events of ten years ago, which gave a boost her music career. Ten years ago the Ukrainian singer became the winner of the contest “new wave”.

Джамала сверкнула голыми ногами: «только и остается…»

“Hard to believe, but today marks the 10th anniversary of victory in Jurmala. So many interesting and incredible happened during this period…”, – wrote on his page on the social network Instagram, the singer.

Джамала сверкнула голыми ногами: «только и остается…»

Recall that in 2009 the winner of the musical contest “New wave” in the Latvian city of Jurmala has become a Ukrainian singer Jamala (Susanna Jamalutdinov).

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Jamal also in the social network invited its fans to ask her questions and undertook to answer the most interesting.

One podistica asked Jamal about participation in the dance show: “how about a dance? I would not like to participate in “Dancing with the stars”? Maybe You have offered?”.

“Offered. No,” replied the singer.

Джамала сверкнула голыми ногами: «только и остается…»

Another fan asked the celebrity to record a song with a guitar: “You in the “Breakfast” once sang “Love” with a guitar. It was incredibly beautiful! Is there any hope that you ever write in the Studio and somewhere will be a bonus track?”

“Yes? Cool watch. Record,” promised Jamal.

Recall that Jamal showed photos of a grown son.

As reported Politeka, Jamal with popular Ukrainian musician suddenly started talking about love: “I have long…”.

Also Politeka wrote that Jamal lit ample Breasts and conquered the Ukrainians