“It’s hard…”: Meghan Markle openly told how her life with Prince Harry

«Это тяжело…»: Меган Маркл откровенно рассказала, как ей живется с принцем Гарри

Meghan Markle for the first time revealed details of his life and emotional state after her marriage and the birth of a child

The Duchess of Sussex talked about it with tears in his eyes (to see the video, dockrillia the page to the end).

As reported Politeka, 38-year-old Megan Markle in an interview to the journalist of TV channel ITV, which produced a documentary ILM about their with Prince Harry’s trip to South Africa, told how she had from picky and critical attention of the British press.

«Это тяжело…»: Меган Маркл откровенно рассказала, как ей живется с принцем Гарри

Markle has complained of regular harassment from the media.

«Это тяжело…»: Меган Маркл откровенно рассказала, как ей живется с принцем Гарри

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“It’s hard for women. Especially when you’re still trying to be a good mom and wife. But thank you for asking. Not many people wonder if I’m okay,” said the Duchess.

If this Meghan Markle almost in tears. “This is a real situation, and I won’t hide it,” she added.

Spouse Prince Harry frankly admitted that her difficult role as wife and mother: “Look, any woman, especially a pregnant woman, very vulnerable. Therefore, it can be very difficult, and when a small child, well, you know… You’re trying to learn a new role and add it to the existing, trying to be both a good wife to her husband and the young mom.”

Earlier we wrote that Megan Markle demanded that the Royal family decoration for the bride (tiara). However, Queen Elizabeth II was against it.

Markle asked tiara with emeralds. Prince Harry stood up for a future wife. Then the Queen said Markle will be in the tiara, which she will choose. Thus, the Vladimir tiara has become a stumbling block in the Royal family.

«Это тяжело…»: Меган Маркл откровенно рассказала, как ей живется с принцем Гарри

We also reported that Malenka girl became an unwitting witness to the revelation of Prince Harry on his wife Meghan Markle.

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The Dukes visited the annual WellChild Awards ceremony. The organization supports sick children and specialists in the field of health. There they spoke with 10-year-old Emmy Narayan-Nicola.

Later journalists questioned the child about what she talked to Harry and Megan.

The girl admitted that Prince Harry revealed that he thinks about the appearance of the couple after the birth of their son Archie. During the conversation Amy complimented the Duchess of Sussex, saying that she looks great, despite the fact that recently became a mother. Then, according to the girls, Prince Harry looked at his wife and said, “see, I told you!”

We will remind that it became known as earned Meghan Markle before her marriage with Prince Harry.

As reported Politeka, Queen Elizabeth II has humiliated the new Prime Minister, a photo spread network

Also Politeka wrote that famous surgeon caught Kate Middleton on the use of Botox