“It’s a double f*OPA!” Putin raises the stakes! What will happen to the Ukrainian Donbass?

"Это двойная ж*опа!" Путин подымает ставки! Что будет с украинским Донбассом?

Putin makes Vladimir Zelensky make more aggressive decisions in terms of foreign policy

This was stated by the presenter Igor Lesev in the program’s “Bad night.”

He said that since Zelensky did not give a clear answer to the question about what his strategy the end of the war in the Donbass. But now, when Putin has decided to hand out Russian citizenship and Russian passports to residents of the so-called LDNR, the stakes have risen much higher.

“Putin legalized certification residents LDNR. It’s a double f* * * yourself for the new President. Zelensky and before that evasively answered by the Minsk agreements. Type, stop the war. That’s the whole plan. And in the Kremlin raise rates again. Now in the Donbas appear to the inhabitants of the Russian Federation. And the LDNR de facto integrated into the structure of Russia”, — said Lesiw.

It is these actions, Putin can be forced to act in a newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky tougher, which is more characteristic of Petro Poroshenko. After all, he is forced to go on the rhetoric that would satisfy nationalist citizens and to act more aggressively.

“This way, Putin himself makes Zelensky second Poroshenko. Zelensky is forced to play along with local nationalists. Go to the rhetoric of aggression Poroshenko”, — summed up Lesew.

"Это двойная ж*опа!" Путин подымает ставки! Что будет с украинским Донбассом?

Earlier it was reported that Russia will suffer huge losses because of the scandalous decree of Vladimir Putin on granting Russian passports to inhabitants of the occupied Donbass.

In particular, the Russian budget will have to bear huge additional financial burden, since Moscow will have to allocate funds for social payments to residents of the occupied Donbass.

It tells financial analyst Yevgeny Gontmakher, due to the fact that the inhabitants of the occupied Donbass, have received Russian citizenship, will be eligible to apply for Russian pensions, raises a number of technical issues. The expert recalled that in Russia, the pension depends on seniority, how much per person, paid by the employer during working life, etc.

Recall Zelensky urgently appealed to Ukrainians because of the situation with the CEC.

As reported Politeka, the team newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky do not exclude the dissolution of Parliament.

Also Politeka wrote that the Parliament adopted the decision on the language law.