“It’s a dirty technology” against “public Servants staged a large-scale provocation, disclosed details

«Это грязная технология»: против «Слуги народа устроили масштабную провокацию, раскрыты детали

In the party “servant of the people” decided to prosecute MPs who registered the CEC, under the guise of a brand of political power

Representatives of the party filed an application to the interior Ministry, the police and the Prosecutor General’s office on Tuesday, June 25.

The representative of political power, lawyer Oleksandr Kachur explained that the CEC registered almost a hundred candidates-“clones” that are trying to get to the polls with the party of the incumbent. Some of them pointed out the place of their work legal entities with signs of fictitiousness, the title of which is “servant of the people” or “see!”. According Kachura using this Association with the party of Vladimir Zelensky, unscrupulous candidates are trying to fool the voters in error.

«Это грязная технология»: против «Слуги народа устроили масштабную провокацию, раскрыты детали

The lawyer noted that such fraud includes the elements of a crime under part 1 of article 157 of the Criminal code of Ukraine, namely, the preventing to electoral right implementation.

“Now some of the candidates for deputies in single-member districts by fraudulently identify information that they supposedly work in organizations with the title “servant of the people” — namely, charitable foundations, limited liability companies or private enterprises. It’s a dirty technology that is deployed against the party “servant of the people” to mislead people and give them the opportunity to vote for the political party for which they are going,” said Kachura.

He added that because of these scams people are starting to associate with the “Servant of the people” candidates who in fact have no relation to the party.

The party promised to deal with the candidates-“clones” by the CEC, law enforcement officers and NACP.

«Это грязная технология»: против «Слуги народа устроили масштабную провокацию, раскрыты детали

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Earlier we wrote that the party “servant of the people” will work for the wages that relies to the people’s Deputy according to law.

This was stated by first number, and the Chairman of this political force Dmitry Razumkov.

According to him, the salary of a people’s Deputy in Ukraine at the moment sufficient for normal existence (about 30 thousand UAH). He also stressed that in Europe the wages of officials “not fabulous”.

We will remind, in “the Servant of the people” stole the star cracked, Ukrainians have sounded the alarm.

As he wrote Politeka, the “Servant of the people” explained, who exactly would not merge.

Also Politeka wrote that it became known who was in the lists of the party “servant of the people”.