“It would be cool!”: a great sale in the Cabinet, the Goncharuk opened all the cards

"Было бы круто!": грандиозная распродажа в Кабмине, у Гончарука раскрыли все карты

The Prime Minister Alexei Goncharuk, revealed details ambitious “sales”

As reported Politeka about this in his Facebook wrote the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Dmitry Dubilet.

So, the government has requested that the Ministry in the main building on the Grushevsky street in Kiev.

"Было бы круто!": грандиозная распродажа в Кабмине, у Гончарука раскрыли все карты

Thus, according to Dmitry Dubilet, the Cabinet, can organize a Grand “sell-out” by selling a private property exempt premises.

“It would be cool if at least some of the ministries are now scattered individual buildings in Kiev, could move to Central – on the Grushevsky street. And to convey their building to the privatization, of course. And in the capital center office property is expensive, you know!” the Minister stressed.

According to Dubilet, most of the area in the Cabinet is used inefficiently, and stressed that he personally is uncomfortable in his office, so he wants to move.

“A lot of meeting rooms. Large comfortless corridors. Huge Executive office. According to preliminary calculations, the building can theoretically travel up to 1,000 people. Small moving and I started. My office is huge. I’m afraid to get lost. Expect him to move to somewhere more comfortable place, and to make open space for 20+ people”, — concluded Dubilet.

"Было бы круто!": грандиозная распродажа в Кабмине, у Гончарука раскрыли все карты

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The expert says that this simple truth should be remembered by anyone who comes into power. Yet, unfortunately, the team Zelensky no understanding of what is said to them is recorded and may respond in unexpected ways after some time. And all made the same.

“This is a big problem for the Zelensky, because in a year, maybe Goncharuk and forget, but will remember that the Prime Minister Zelensky came to neo-Nazis in the concert,” says Zolotarev.

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