“It will be the deprivation of citizenship”: Zelensky harsh response to Putin’s threats, the “hooking” of Ukrainians

"Будет лишение гражданства": Зеленский жестко ответил на угрозы Путина, "зацепив" украинцев

From Vladimir Zelensky is the answer to Vladimir Putin about Russian passports

Russia, guided by “humanitarian reasons”, and seeks to return the residents of the occupied territories of Ukraine the sense of civic involvement, said Russian political analyst Dmitry Oreshkin, reports “24 channel”.

However. notes — join Russia, like Crimea, is not here. Putin says that this is the territory of Ukraine, and their actual management of the Kremlin leaves out.

"Будет лишение гражданства": Зеленский жестко ответил на угрозы Путина, "зацепив" украинцев

“Understandable cynical and pragmatic position. But in this situation, an attempt to hit Zelensky, to provoke him to react. Zelensky said virtual very accurately — with “General” we have only one — is the state border, ” — said Oreshkin.

The Russian political scientist believes that the inhabitants of the occupied Donbass seeking to obtain Russian passports as there is “no money, no job, no prospects.” In Russia, however, actually move, except that some of them.

“But most, like all Soviet people, a terrible way tied to housing. Accordingly, they will live there, but to have the Russian passports. It is convenient for them, although Ukraine is firmly and correctly said that to deny in this case, the Ukrainian nationality “, — said Dmitry Oreshkin.

“Putin is not interested in the lives of people in the Donbas, he is interested in the possibility of control of Ukraine, that she could not build an efficient economy on the basis of real democracy”, — said the analyst.

We will add that Vladimir Zelensky said that “moves” to answer Moscow. He said the response to Russian passports for the residents of Donbas for the issue of Russian passports to inhabitants of the occupied Donbass.

We will remind, Vladimir Zelensky addressed the Ukrainian deputies calling for the stop to tighten up the date of his inauguration. A video message from the newly elected President was posted on Friday, may 10, on the YouTube channel of his team.

"Будет лишение гражданства": Зеленский жестко ответил на угрозы Путина, "зацепив" украинцев

In a new video Zelensky urged MPs to remember the words of their oath in which they promise to work in the interests of all citizens of the country.

“While you are acting exclusively in their own interests: fear of the dissolution of the Parliament and delay the appointment date of the inauguration. And while you are shaking for their mandates, the former President Poroshenko makes fatal, ” — said the winner of the presidential election.

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