It was revealed a terrible truth about the murderer of 9-year-old Lisa: “killed her husband with an ax,” video 18+

Вскрылась жуткая правда о душегубе 9-летней Лизы: "убила мужа топором", видео 18+

In the Russian Saratov police tried to enter the apartment where the last time he lived with his mother murderer Michael Tulatin

As reported Politeka, referring to the popular Russian telegram channel at a time, how the police took the apartment, “storm”, the murderer’s mother leaned out the window and screaming hysterically. The witnesses at the bottom was removed and commented on the events. According to them, the mother Tomatina killed her husband, “hacked him to death with an axe” (to see the video, dockrillia to the end).

“The police are trying to sneak into the apartment of Michael Tomatina in Saratov, where he lived with his sick mother. The woman yells out the window. Neighbors at that time gossiping in the yard – they say she killed her own husband. Hacked it with an axe,” reads the message in the telegram channel.

Вскрылась жуткая правда о душегубе 9-летней Лизы: "убила мужа топором", видео 18+

We will remind, the detainee Tomatin recently gave testimony about the brutal murder of 9-year-old Lisa Kiseleva.

The man confessed that a couple of months ago, he found an abandoned garage and changed the locks to use found space. In the ill-fated day, Lisa Kiseleva passed by and asked strange men if that’s his garage.

Вскрылась жуткая правда о душегубе 9-летней Лизы: "убила мужа топором", видео 18+

Tomatin scared that he “declassified” and brought 9-year-old child in a garage, where he later was killed. According to Svetlana Petrenko, this version now checks the police.

Earlier it was reported that on 9 October in Saratov threw all the power, when there was a message about the girl’s disappearance. The next day was found the body of Lisa. And after some time the police detained the suspect.

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The alleged murderer was brought to the garages to make investigative experiment, however, the scene began to gather local residents, who demanded to give them the murderer in the mob.

People also began to throw at police cars and various items at the emergency arrived the riot police, who used tear gas to disperse the protesters.

Note Tomatin had been in places not so remote about 10 years.

Recall the murder of 9-year-old Lisa Kiseleva: the murderer gave all, “was scared and…”

As reported Politeka, murder of 9-year-old Lisa Kiseleva: there’s footage from the scene of the terrible tragedy, “began in 20”.

Also Politeka wrote that “foaming around the mouth”: the body of a young girl found in the Park, 18 frames