It turned out the biggest plus and minus OnePlus 6T

Выяснились самый большой плюс и минус OnePlus 6T

The main innovation of the next OnePlus flagship will be the built-in display fingerprint scanner.

The function call Screen Unlock, and with its help engineers reduce side frames around the display. This official information has not ended — the company’s representatives told about less pleasant news.Выяснились самый большой плюс и минус OnePlus 6TOnePlus 6T will be the first smartphone with no 3.5 mm headphone output, reports 9to5google. The data was voiced by the CEO of the company Carl Pei, so they can be sure.

According to SEO, the current time period is optimal for the decision. Last year, 59 percent of users OnePlus purchased wireless headphones. This year the management expects improvement due to the announcement of the Bullets Wireless.

The decision was very controversial. However, we did not receive it just because and not because everyone is doing it. We believe that it is the right time. The rejection of the headphone will bring most of our users benefit and not become a problem.

To compensate for the suffering fans wired headphone engineers have worked on the battery. Drink revealed his capacity, but stressed that users will notice an improvement of autonomy.

Выяснились самый большой плюс и минус OnePlus 6T

New built-in display, fingerprint scanner will also take up little space and will make the smartphone a bit thicker than its predecessor. Inside the package will be OnePlus 6T adapter with 3.5 mm output to USB-C.

It seems that the era of wireless headphones has arrived.


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