It turned out terrible details of the massacre in the US, do not regret it, even sister

Выяснились страшные подробности массовой бойни в США: не пожалел даже сестру

Came the horrifying details of the mass shooting in Ohio

World media are full of information about the terrible slaughter in the United States. One night the people attacked armed inadequate in several States of the country, with the result that, during the day, killing dozens of Americans.

So one of the cases of execution of people — happened in Ohio. PE is simply amazing new details. As you know, there’s cops right after the incident with the death of nine people eliminated the attacker. And in the media appeared information that among the victims of Connor Betts, which started shooting in Dayton, Ohio, is his younger sister Megan Betts.

It is reported by the Dayton Daily News.

“22-year-old Megan was a student at the State University Wright. She was supposed to graduate in 2020.”

Выяснились страшные подробности массовой бойни в США: не пожалел даже сестру

It is also reported that the shooting killed two members of the University community. This is stated in an email sent to students, staff and faculty of the Wright state University — the murder victim was 30-year-old Logan Turner, who is a graduate of the University.

In General, among the nine killed in the shooting, five men and four women.

As you know, that unfortunate evening, the police shot and killed 24-year-old Connor Betts – it happened in less than thirty seconds after he opened fire on a crowd at a night club Ned Peppers:

“The assailant was eliminated in that moment, when he tried to break into a crowded bar.”

Local operatives said to the media:

“Connor Betts started shooting at 01:05 local time in the Oregon district in downtown. He was wearing a bulletproof vest, and with him he brought extra ammo for his assault rifle 223 caliber with the increased shop capacity. He managed to release a few dozen bullets.”

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Police rescued many people in a timely manner eliminating the attacker, because he broke even and in the local bar to attack:

“If he managed to come through the door of Ned Peppers bar with such equipment, the number of wounded and dead would have been catastrophic,” — said the head of the local police of Dayton Richard Beale.

Выяснились страшные подробности массовой бойни в США: не пожалел даже сестру

Connor Betts, photo: CBS NEWS

Recall also that in addition to the attacks in the States of Ohio and Illinois, on the night of August 4, more than 40 people shot at shopping center in Texas. Several people broke into the store and opened fire. Three of the attackers were detained.

Assailant before the attack, issued a Manifesto in which they supported arrow from Christchurch, and the attack is called a response to “the invasion of Hispanics in Texas.” Newsweek, citing police, reported that more than 20 people were killed and over 30 injured.

Recall, the shooting took place in Kiev, brought together doctors and the police

Also Рoliteka wrote, the shooting occurred in the Ukrainian resort, preparing the assault

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