It reveals the danger of the popular vegetable: a serious blow to the digestion

Раскрыта опасность популярного овоща: серьезный удар по пищеварению

Scientists told about the side effects of the popular vegetable

Scientists from the UK have proved that frequent consumption of onions causes stomach pain and bloating.

British scientists reported that some vegetables can significantly harm the digestive system if they are abused. According to researchers, the greatest danger for stomach is just the bow.

Раскрыта опасность популярного овоща: серьезный удар по пищеварению

Laboratory experiments have shown that onion can cause excess gas in the digestive tract that leads to bloating, belching, flatulence and General abdominal discomfort.

Also, doctors do not advise people that already have stomach problems, consume drinks that are gaseous. The most dangerous types of such drinks that cause excess gas are considered non-alcoholic sweet drinks and beer.

We will add, earlier, we wrote of the danger that may cause honey if you use it wrong.

It is known that honey has antibacterial and antiviral effect, helps with colds, has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system and promotes fast recovery. In the season of rampant infections this product is simply irreplaceable. However, to use honey to properly.

If you want that honey brought maximum benefit to the body, listen to the recommendations of the experts on healthy nutrition.

In particular, they find it helpful to drink in the morning upon waking a glass of warm boiled water with two teaspoons of honey. This drink stimulates the body’s metabolism and also gives energy boost, helps you quickly get in shape after sleep.

Раскрыта опасность популярного овоща: серьезный удар по пищеварению

Many people believe that honey can add to different dishes instead of sugar. Actually honey is best absorbed separately from other products. Keep in mind that honey does not make connections with hot. When heating honey to 60 degrees it is formed substances that act on the body as toxins.

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