It heats the youth center

climatisation-complexe-heritage-fait-defautImagine sleeping in a non air-conditioned room with a thin slit in the window as a single stream of air on a warm summer night. Since early summer, the daily the complex legacy of the Ottawa Youth Centres (WDA) on Freeman Road, in Hull.

The air conditioning system of this residence for teenagers with major behavioral problems is broken since the end of last summer. The situation was not too problematic during the fall, winter and spring, but it became untenable in the last two months, according to the union of professionals and technicians of CJO.

The union argues that recorded a temperature of 31 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 70% inside the complex legacy, Wednesday afternoon.

“The Minister [of Health, Gaétan] Barrette cut to achieve a balanced budget, but it is on the back of the customers. I find it disgusting. It is young people who pay for it, “growls the union president, Martin Leblanc.

In the rooms, the only source of fresh air is a opening “the size of a mailbox” in the window, according to Mr. Leblanc. Because behavioral problems of these teenagers aged 13 and 17, one can grant them freedom of movement inside the complex legacy, both day and night.

The Integrated Centre for Health and Social Services of Ottawa (CISSSO) recognizes that this situation is difficult. It stresses that educators of the residence lead young people as often as possible in the cafeteria – the only section of the building where the air conditioning works – or to the nearest municipal swimming pool.

Repairs on Thursday

Repairs to the air conditioning system must take place on Thursday. The CISSSO indicates that this is a temporary measure, pending the complete replacement of the air conditioning system.

Martin Leblanc, however it is too little too late.

According to him, the situation should have been resolved it a long time ago. “They know that since last year, he said, I believe that it’s been delayed to save money. I find it deplorable and dangerous for the customer to stakeholders. Young people will be increasingly brought to flee. ”

According to the union, these young people – already difficult to monitor in normal times – are increasingly irritable. They have difficulty sleeping because of the heat.

On Wednesday, the evening shift employees have exercised their right of refusal prescribed in the Occupational Health and Safety Act. They regret that no measures have been made to mitigate the effects of the heat.

Impossible to know, for the moment, when the air conditioning system will be replaced. The CISSSO is waiting for a response from his supplier on this issue. Given the uncertainty that persisted, the CISSSO turned to temporary repairs of the system.

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