It does not need a lot of money: tips that will help extend the life of

Для этого не нужно много денег: советы, которые помогут продлить жизнь

To live long, you should listen to the recommendations of scientists

Longevity is a hot topic, so every day there are new recommendations that suggest the increase in life expectancy.

Researchers from Harvard University analyzed the habits and life expectancy of 123 thousand people, this allowed them to identify the trend of longevity. For centenarians are characterized by the following five habits, the observance of them together on average increases the life of men for 12 years, and women for 14 years.

Для этого не нужно много денег: советы, которые помогут продлить жизнь

It is noteworthy that all these habits are simple, they are not associated with the observance of complicated rituals and financial waste.

Quitting Smoking increases life expectancy, even if the person quit Smoking at age 65. But if quit Smoking at age 35, the life expectancy will be higher by as much as six to eight years. The sooner people refuse from Smoking — the longer he will live, but to quit Smoking is never too late.

Habit to maintain a healthy weight also adds years to life. The study showed that people with a body mass index between 18.5 and 24.9 indicates a lower risk of early death. A BMI over 25 indicates the presence of excess weight, the rate of more than 30 indicates the presence of obesity. Method assessment of body weight according to body mass index not always objective, however, the weight loss adds years to life.

There are many reasons to start going to the gym, but for increasing life expectancy will be quite less intensive exercise. The authors of this study claim that the longevity enough daily walks lasting half an hour. Subject to regularity even small physical activity enhance health, improve memory and thinking, improve mood.

In order not to hurt the lifespan, it is necessary to reduce the use of alkogolsoderzhaschih drinks. Men who consumed 5 to 30 grams of pure alcohol per day, risk of premature death. Which is approximately the amount of alcohol contained in two bottles of beer at 330 ml.

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Для этого не нужно много денег: советы, которые помогут продлить жизнь

After analyzing the diet of the centenarians, the researchers came to the conclusion that their diet is dominated by whole grains, especially oatmeal, fish, green leafy vegetables, legumes and nuts.

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