It became known who was in the first ten finalists of the Eurovision song contest: list of countries

Стало известно, кто попал в первую десятку финалистов на Евровидении: список стран

For the right to reach the final of the prestigious competition, fought members from 17 countries

The second semi-final will be held on Thursday, may 16.

In the capital of Israel in the international Eurovision song contest was held the first semi-final. In the first part of the song competition was attended by representatives of 17 countries.

Стало известно, кто попал в первую десятку финалистов на Евровидении: список стран

In the result the victory was won by 10 countries.

It: Greece, Belarus, Serbia, Cyprus, Estonia, Czech Republic, Australia, Iceland, San Marino and Slovenia.

The representatives of these countries will have to fight for the right to become the best vocalists in Europe with the finalists of the second ten.

Note that in the final will automatically get artists from the countries-founders of the musical contest. The singers are from UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

In the final this year turns out to be an Israeli performer, as Israel in 2019, the year takes the contest. The winner of the contest last year was the Israeli singer Neta Barzilai, better known as Netta.

It turns out that the finale performances by participants from 26 countries. The finals will be held on Saturday, may 18.

As previously reported, the competitor of Russia Sergey Lazarev on the eve of the Eurovision song contest went to a hospital in tel Aviv.

Lazarus urgently needed qualified medical assistance. It turned out that the actor had aggravated a pinched neck, and no medical intervention needed does not.

Therefore, Lazarev went to a hospital in tel Aviv, where he had undergone an acupuncture session.

Russian artist is very experienced, will wash away if he can perform at the competition on may 16. Israeli doctors assured him that by that date he will be fully healthy. “Well, what room I have does not require active movements”, – said the singer.

Стало известно, кто попал в первую десятку финалистов на Евровидении: список стран

Speaking about his sore, Lazarev sin for air conditioning – could just blow it out.

“We do massage and everything you need to facilitate how the state”, – assured the fans of an artist.

Recall that the presenter of the Eurovision 2019 showed the Topless photo: “all of the delights on display”.

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