It became known who got the Ukrainian shelf

Стало известно, кому достался украинский шельф

The Minister of energy and coal industry of Ukraine Igor Nasalik, he is concurrently the head of the Interdepartmental Commission on the organization of the agreement on production section (SRP), believes that the Ukrainian section of the shelf “Dolphin” should go to the Trident Black Sea, 90% of which belong to Trident Acquisitions Corp (USA) and 10% San Leon Energy PLC (Ireland) – says the Person with a link to Newsone

It became known who is really behind the American Trident Acquisitions. Public register of shareholders and General information is available at the link Trident Acquisitions (shareholders p. 77-78).

So, the shareholders of the company — mainly Russian citizens — both current and former, as well as Ukrainian entrepreneurs.

In particular, the key shareholder of Trident Acquisitions is former Deputy of the State Duma of Russia Ilya Ponomarev.

Besides, the shareholders of the whole group of immigrants from Russia and the CIS countries. In particular, Vadim Komissarov, Dmitry Nekrasov, Marat Rosenberg, Timur Alania (uncle of Mikhail Saakashvili), Victoria Tushishvili and her husband Edward of hiderow (the Deputy from Dagestan who had trouble with the law in Russia due to Bank fraud), Patima Akhmedov, and many others. Chairman of the Board Trident Acquisitions American Edward Verona is closely associated with Russia, in particular in 2008-2013 was President of the US-Russia Business Council.

Of Ukrainian investors in the composition of the Trident Acquisitions seen Gennady Butkevich (the owner of the store chain ATB-Market) is the largest shareholding to 10%, Viktor Topolov (Minister of fuel and energy in 2005-2006), and Alexei Timofeyev, who was the head of Smart Holding (owned by the defender of Russian Orthodoxy in Ukraine Vadim Novinsky).

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These people Ukraine is ready to entrust its energy security and to give the best oil and gas area of almost 10 thousand km2. At the same time, Trident Acquisitions is a newly established Fund (established in 2016), with unknown shareholders and Russian capital, which has no project for the extraction.
Left to wait for, will decide whether Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman to approve such a wise decision of the Minister Kasalika? Or Vladimir Borisovich does not want to take responsibility for such a controversial decision and translate the arrows on the President’s team Zelensky?