It became known, what will turn love to roast: scientists have warned women

Стало известно, чем обернется любовь к жареному: ученые предупредили женщин

Crisp and mouth-watering aroma of the fried foods even of people who are serious about their health do not leave indifferent

Deep fried fish, potatoes and chicken increases the risk of premature death in women by 13%. Especially if these products are in the diet.

Love deep-fried food, especially chicken and fish, increases the risk of premature death in women. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from the University of Iowa.

Стало известно, чем обернется любовь к жареному: ученые предупредили женщин

They found that one or more servings of fried food daily increase the risk of early departure from life at 8%, compared to those women who do not use dishes deep frying.

But if a woman every day popset fried chicken or fish more than one portion, then the probability of premature death is increased by 13% and for any reason by 12% due to possible heart disease.

Even if the diet women fewer servings of fried foods, the risk of premature death is still increased. It grows and in that case, if the woman include in your lifestyle of physical activity. These are the results of observations of more than 100 000 women aged 50 to 79 years. Observations lasted an average of 18 years, and during this period of life left more than 31,000 women. 320 9 of them died from heart disease, 8 358 — cancer and 13 880 — from other causes.

American researchers claim that they have considered all possible risk factors before you install the sad role of food with deep frying. Some reason are particularly endangered chicken, fish and other seafood.

Стало известно, чем обернется любовь к жареному: ученые предупредили женщин

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