It became known how much “extra” organs: “no longer needed”

Стало известно, сколько у человека «лишних» органов: «давно не нужны»

Scientists have listed the useless bodies

A group of scientists from the British University conducted a series of analyses of the human body and called the authorities, without which a modern person can quite successfully do.

In the list of useless bodies includes:

Wisdom teeth — early man, they were a complementary tool for chewing fibrous food. Today they are practically not used in everyday life.

The Appendix was once an indispensable element in the process of digestion, and now only brings a lot of problems and inconveniences.

Стало известно, сколько у человека «лишних» органов: «давно не нужны»

The coccyx (bottom of spine) — what is left of the tail, which had the primacy.

Ear muscle — early muscle remains helped the reader to better grasp the fuzzy sounds.

Third eyelid (located in the inner corner of the eye) is a modified shell, which served as a protective layer for the birds during the flight. For a human it would be of no benefit.

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Стало известно, сколько у человека «лишних» органов: «давно не нужны»

Earlier, the journalists said that the prices for human organs. Every person is a carrier of constant capital in the form of organs and tissues. For example, hair is a rather popular product on the market. Enough to have long hair 50 cm, which you are ready to get rid of. But before you name a price, buyers assess the quality. Of all the options is especially appreciated unpainted, thin blonde hair. On this you can “weld” to 4.5 thousand hryvnia per 100 grams. But painted or dark by nature take 500-1000 UAH.

Become a donor of semen may be every healthy man. Depending on the clinic for the delivery of pay from 600 to 1800 USD. But it is a fairly long procedure. First you need to get a medical examination. Pay only after checking the material. Before donation the donor is forbidden to use drugs, tobacco and alcohol, to have sex within 3-5 days and visit bath or sauna.

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