It became known as Zelensky will choose his assistants: “hard requirements”

Стало известно, как Зеленский будет выбирать помощников: «жесткие требования»

Advisor of the elected President Alexander danyluk spoke in an interview, Vladimir Zelensky will nominate candidates for critical positions

“This approach was supported by Vladimir Zelensky. It forms a nominating Committee of three or four, high, five key members of his team. They consider all applicants on a number of predetermined criteria. As a result, should be taken, preferably, a consensus decision, and given an appropriate detailed recommendation to the President for final decision”, — said danyluk, reports

Стало известно, как Зеленский будет выбирать помощников: «жесткие требования»

He also added that the Committee could make in the near future. First you will need to select “a lot” of people –the heads of the presidential Administration, the NSDC, the foreign Ministry, SBU, PGO and their deputies. In this case, Zelensky has no plans to replace once all current officials and heads of departments will be able to choose their own deputies.

Himself danyluk defends the idea of the open formation of the team, because if the team newly elected President will begin “dogovornyak, quotas, lists – the quality of the people in power will not go”.

In addition, the head of the presidential Administration must also be approved by the nominating Committee, but the last word – for Zelensky. “In any case, the final decision for President. He is interested that he picked up professional people in which he will be sure.”

Earlier it was reported that the newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky caught by surprise in one of the pizzerias in Kiev. The corresponding video in your Facebook published a public activist Mikhail Kovalchuk.

Стало известно, как Зеленский будет выбирать помощников: «жесткие требования»

In particular, the newly elected head of state Vladimir Zelensky had dinner at one of the pizzerias in Kiev in the company of his Advisor Andrei Bogdan. At some point he was approached by social activist, who appealed to Vladimir Zelensky concerning development of Protasov Yar.

Recall, the best solution to the conflict in the Donbas: “without Zelensky’t do it.”

As reported Politeka, Savchenko laid eyes on Zelensky and chose a position.

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