It became known as Zelensky lives for the salary in 12 thousand: “Get with Lena the money and cry”

Стало известно, как Зеленский живет на зарплату в 12 тысяч: «Достают с Леной деньги и плачут»

Vladimir Zelensky did the right thing, deciding not to make demonstrative of the failure of his presidential salary

About it in a video interview Politeka said the famous journalist Andrei Palchevsky.

Previously, many interested in the news that for the first month of its work the President Zelensky earned 12 thousand hryvnia. Palchevskogo reacted to the salary of the head of state with a sense of humor.

“Every time I don’t have enough money, I console myself with the picture, as the budget share Lena and Vladimir Zelensky. He pulls out of his pocket, Lena gets somewhere in the next 100 hryvnia, and they cry, looking at the money,” — said the journalist.

He offered the President as an experiment to try to live on this 12 thousand at least for some time. According to palchevsky, the greater part of this amount, the President will spend only on payment of electricity bills.

Стало известно, как Зеленский живет на зарплату в 12 тысяч: «Достают с Леной деньги и плачут»

Palchevskogo reminded that Zelensky is able to afford to live honestly earned the money he had received for his successful career as a showman. This reporter believes the correct decision of the President not to withdraw publicly from their salary.

“All of these symbols thieves he rejected,” — said Palchevskogo.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that now the support of Vladimir Zelensky higher than when he came to power.

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About it told the Ukrainian TV-presenter Andrey Palchevsky.

According to him, the growth of support means that the Ukrainians see something, something you hope. Until when will all purpose to criticize Zelensky at least unfair. Though many waited for an instant, bright changes, the journalist said, a lot of events were a surprise for the Zelensky.

Стало известно, как Зеленский живет на зарплату в 12 тысяч: «Достают с Леной деньги и плачут»

“I think that Zelensky has made to European partners the impression of a charming man for himself was surprised to learn that the interests of France, Germany and other Western States is much more aimed in the direction of Russia than of Ukraine,” — said Palchevskogo.

We will remind, Zelensky made the fateful decision in Donbass: it changes everything.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky on the day of the Navy gave an important promise.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky was stunned by the treatment, it was decided to remain silent.