It became known as the cosmetics can harm the skin: “Causes of aging and irritation”

Стало известно, как косметика может навредить коже: "Вызывает старения и раздражение"

Buying a favorite cosmetic product make sure that it is safe and will not harm your health and skin

In the modern world is becoming more and more popular ecologization of the production and use of natural ingredients for the manufacture of decorative and medical cosmetics. But sometimes the beloved BB cream, face cream, mascara, serum, or other product, we have seen many artificial ingredients, whose effect is questionable.

Listed below are five dangerous ingredients cosmetics.Стало известно, как косметика может навредить коже: "Вызывает старения и раздражение"


Are used as preservatives. Contained in large amounts, they penetrate deep into the skin and cause premature aging and violate the water balance in the epidermis. In European countries prohibits the sale of cosmetics, which includes more than 0.4% of parabens.


There are synthetic derivatives of ammonia, usually added to a creamy foam and They regulate the acidity of the product and provide it a thick consistency. Lead to irritation of the skin, can cause dryness, flaking and the appearance of imperfections. May not be used with esters.


The people call them silicone aromas, made from the atoms of oxygen and silicon. Effectively soften and smooth, but can be dangerous for people having skin diseases. Products with the silicone refers to the comedogenic category: it clogs the pores and prevents the skin to breathe, resulting in the epidermis develop bacteria, and the problem with the face is enhanced.

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Used in the cosmetic industry as a preservative and it is usually part of the hair and products to moisturize and improve skin condition. Experts believe that formaldehyde is a carcinogen, which adversely affects the condition of the skin and can cause irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes and epidermis.

Стало известно, как косметика может навредить коже: "Вызывает старения и раздражение"


The solvent used to hydrate the product and enhance its smell. Usually included in the composition of deodorants, sunscreens and hair products. Poorly excreted from the body and adversely affects the process of cell regeneration.

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