It became known as the blow destroyed the banking system of Ukraine: “the noose around the neck”

Стало известно, как Гонтарева уничтожила банковскую систему Украины: "Удавка на шее"

Ukraine has long been a bankrupt, as evidenced by statistics of NPLs in the country

This is stated in the new issue of “the Breakfast lawyer,” which was prepared by law firm “amber”.

The expert noted that the volume of non-performing loans in the banking system grew by 3.4 billion UAH, reaching the colossal figure of 611 billion.

Стало известно, как Гонтарева уничтожила банковскую систему Украины: "Удавка на шее"

“If you divide by 27, we get a figure in excess of $20 billion, that is, in fact, a figure in excess of all valuetoreturn reserves of our country. Beneath these statistics lies the bitter truth that our country has long been bankrupt. And if roll liabilities with our assets, we will stay all badly needs,” — says the analyst.

He noted that the biggest increase in problem debt has been in the field of public banks. This, according to him, proves once again that “the state is the worst Manager”.

The expert does not doubt that in this case, the initiative of the universal Declaration looks sad, because it is unreasonable to transfer funds from other countries in Ukraine’s banking system to later be declared on the territory of our country.

Стало известно, как Гонтарева уничтожила банковскую систему Украины: "Удавка на шее"

“Just where do you move? In the banking system that is totally bankrupt?.. And 70% of the banking system today in the hands of the state. And this is all the fruit of 5 years of management of Petro Poroshenko and his gang, which he called the NBU. The national Bank informs that in our country is the growth of foreign investment. Only reason to not disclose the details of these investments and the main part of them falls on the sector of government securities”, — he stressed.

“Who dealt with the finances, he knows that Western funds often structure their assets, and some of them assign so-called risk assets. That is, from 1% to 5% is invested in such obligations as the Ukrainian: with very low reliability, but with a huge yield. If the yield on Ukrainian securities is 8-9%, then on global markets it is hard to find paper with a yield of 1%… And if they fail, then the entire loss will be small, and if you make a profit — it would be significant. For a country that produces such a speculative paper, it is the noose around his neck. It’s like a drug addict, you cannot stop… And that’s really the real fruits stay Gontareva in power. It really is the situation we are in,” summed up the expert.

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