It became known as in fact, affected by magnetic storms on health

Стало известно, как на самом деле влияют магнитные бури на здоровье

Many people when weather changes and magnetic storms are experiencing the unpleasant symptoms

Pain in joints or back, fatigue, headache and high blood pressure is not a list of symptoms of a particular disease. Similar symptoms experienced by people who depend on the weather or experiencing weather dependent. This is stated in the Facebook page, the acting Minister of health Ulyana Suprun.

Classic meteozavisimosti — poor health due to magnetic activity on the Sun. Electromagnetic activity is going on there continuously, as a result of this process is the release of coronary mass. And if it reaches Land, it begins to interact with the magnetic pole of our planet, causing the Aurora, and not a migraine. The magnetosphere of the Earth neutralizes the electromagnetic effects of our star, so it is unlikely that he can feel the human body.

Стало известно, как на самом деле влияют магнитные бури на здоровье

Published in December 2017, a report by the Harvard school of health indicates that weather does not affect back pain and joints. The researchers analyzed the frequency of visits from the insurance program in rainy days due to back pain and joints. Just analyzed 11000000 cases and found no connection.

Rheumatoid arthritis is also not dependent on weather factors. Also found no influence of changes in atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity and rainfall on the occurrence of back pain. But the pain is real and some of the weather you can still find. There are several different explanation.

Depletion through inflammatory processes, pain, inability to leave home in a bad mood and feel in the language of neurophysiology, lack of serotonin might reduce the sensitivity to pain in patients with long joints. That is may worsen the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, particularly in rainy weather.

In particular, many complain of pain in the joints or places of fractures with change in atmospheric pressure or temperature. However, the evidence in this case is also insufficient. And for the heart and blood vessels changes in temperature and pressure can be dangerous.

There are weather factors that have user-friendly mechanisms. For example, cold dry air increases the risks of asthma attack and also irritates the mucous membranes, facilitates infection with viruses. It is obvious that very high or very low temperatures can cause certain disease States, and their abrupt change could adversely affect the protective functions of the body. Therefore, to completely deny the influence of certain weather conditions on health is not worth it.

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Стало известно, как на самом деле влияют магнитные бури на здоровье

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