It became known as dead mother and her two children in Skadovsk: terrible suspicion confirmed

Стало известно, как погибли мать и ее двое детей в Скадовске: страшная догадка подтвердилась

In a rented apartment found the body of a woman with plastic bag on head

Beside his mother lay dead, her two young sons. Visible traces of violence on the bodies police discovered.

A terrible accident happened in the resort town of Skadovsk of Kherson region in early July. Lifeless body in the apartment found the ex-husband, 34-year-old owner of a real estate Agency in Kherson Olga Bunina, who came to visit them.

Стало известно, как погибли мать и ее двое детей в Скадовске: страшная догадка подтвердилась

Kherson medical examiners after appropriate examination called the cause of death of women and children.

Mother gave the boys sweet juice is admixed into him with a fatal dose of sleeping pills and then committed suicide.

Experts found in children antiallergic medication that at their age it is impossible to accept, is doxylamine. The drug may then be sold in pharmacies, it sleeping pills and anti-allergic action. Doctors categorically do not recommend to give to children and adolescents up to 15 years.

As for women, the examination revealed that she was taking valocordin and phenobarbital. The expert suggest that in this way she tried to overcome the depression caused by the divorce with her husband.

The coroner found that as the time itself Bunin did not die from a drug overdose, but due to the closure nose and mouth with a plastic bag on his head, which was difficult to breath.

One of the original versions of the Kherson police have confirmed the woman, being in a state of depression murdered her two children and then died herself.

We also wrote that Olga Bunin was a successful businesswoman and loved his boys.

One of the Kherson mass media wrote about the Bunina how about successful woman real estate started relatively recently and quickly gained fame and respect. In an interview Bunin said that she never takes on the objects, documents are not transparent.

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Friends of the woman will claim that she had a lot of work, but had problems in his personal life.

Стало известно, как погибли мать и ее двое детей в Скадовске: страшная догадка подтвердилась

“She once said, when we talked about kids. She said, well, good for you, you have a husband and you have someone to rely on. And I’m alone with the kids,” admitted a close friend of Olga.

Recall, there was a murder of a mother and two children in Skadovsk, the details of the massacre.

As reported Politeka, new details have emerged of the murder of a family in Skadovsk.

Also Politeka wrote that the known results of the examination of the mysterious death of mother and sons in Skadovsk