It became known about the dangers of popular diets: are kidney problems

Стало известно об опасности популярной диеты: будут проблем с почками

We have repeatedly written about the dangers of various diets and their health hazards

In the pursuit of health and beauty and many are ready for everything, including harsh diets, eliminating entire groups of nutrients, e.g., carbohydrates. Gaining popularity of the ketogenic diet based on increased intake of protein products. The Atkins diet, Dukan, “the Kremlin” diet — other names of this diet, the essence of which is to increase protein in the diet and excluding carbohydrates.

This diet aims the achievement of a ketosis state of metabolism in which fatty acids are converted to keto bodies used as energy source instead of glucose from carbohydrates. When the body fails to receive glucose for 36 to 48 hours, the metabolism switches to ketosis.

Стало известно об опасности популярной диеты: будут проблем с почками

The prevalence of protein foods in the diet can cause serious problems especially to those who have kidney disease or hereditary predisposition to them. Such a diet increases load on kidneys, and as a result leads to the formation of kidney stones or gout development.

When disappear from the diet of vegetables, fruits, cereals and legumes, created a serious shortage of fiber and essential minerals and vitamins, which serve as catalysts for metabolic reactions. In the absence of these substances, the metabolic rate falls and the goal is to lose weight and look good is becoming less attainable.

According to who recommendations, approximately 10-15% of daily caloric intake should come from protein. In terms of grams it is 0.83 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight of a healthy person who consumes both plant and animal proteins. Vegetarians this rate will be higher, since plant protein is less digestible. Athletes protein intake ranges from 1.2 to 2 g/kg.

Стало известно об опасности популярной диеты: будут проблем с почками

These figures are achievable without the use of additional servings of protein powder or bars.

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