Israeli scientists have created a beating heart on a 3D printer

Израильские ученые создали живое сердце на 3D принтере

In Israel for the first time in the world scientists have created a beating heart using 3D technology, which is planned to receive the animal.

Scientists in Israel, the first in the world able to create a living heart made of human tissue in 3D, and then “print” on the printer a few dozen of these hearts. These bodies plan to test on animals, reports the portal MEDINFO.

It is reported that the authors of the project are scientists at tel Aviv University. According to Jerusalem Post, the head of the laboratory of the University of Tal Dvir demonstrated the process of applying the 3D printer to print human heart tissue from one patient and biomaterial made from human cells. Printed on a printer heart was alive, had a cellular structure, blood vessels, chambers, ventricles and pulsed like a normal heart.

Израильские ученые создали живое сердце на 3D принтере

The only difference body created thus, his miniature size, which was not more than a few centimeters. Such a heart can be a rabbit or other small animal. During the experiment, the scientists within 3.5 hours “printed” on a 3D printer a few dozen hearts. The researchers plan to transplant them to animals to analyze the functionality of the body.

Israeli scientists claim that this technology can be used in the future to recreate the human heart. It will be able to solve the problem of anxious waiting patients suitable for organ transplants and the reception of potent drugs that prevent rejection of the donor heart. The researchers believe that not only the heart but also any other body, in the future it will be possible to model the printer individually for each person.

Израильские ученые создали живое сердце на 3D принтере

As you know, the creation of organs through 3D printing has already shown dramatic results from small arteries, in the liver and even large bones. It is noteworthy that such artificial organs have been successfully taken root, and it means that scientists have an incentive to continue working for the development of future medicine.

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