Iryna Bilyk has received a proposal of marriage: “did this in front of everyone”, the video

Ирина Билык получила предложение руки и сердца: «сделал это на глазах у всех», видео

Iryna Bilyk received an unexpected offer of marriage from his starry fan

Recently, the Ukrainian singer performed at the anniversary ceremony of Miss Blonde Ukraine’s role as a leading event. To the great surprise for Bilyk, at some point, the show took for her unexpected turn, as her colleague on stage, and at the same time an ex-husband, Dima Kolyadenko suddenly proposed to her right in the eyes of the astonished audience.

Video touching moment appeared on the fan page of Irina Bilyk in Instagram.

Directly during the event Kolyadenko got down on one knee and asked her if she would marry him again. Understand that the intentions star was very serious, one chic ring with a diamond that he chose to offer. Kolyadenko has asked ex-wife not to refuse him at once and said he loved her for many years and insanely bored.

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Iryna Bilyk took the ring, but the answer to the offer until the ex-husband did not give. She tried to translate the situation into a joke, but Kolyadenko was very persistent. In the end, the singer promised to consider, in response to what Kolyadenko said that he would like a third child, a girl who is similar to Irina.

To understand the confusion of the artist is easy: because now she has a husband – Aslan Ahmadov, whom they are raising a child together. However, Bilyk admitted that she and her husband spend little time together, as Akhmedov is constantly on the move.

Ирина Билык получила предложение руки и сердца: «сделал это на глазах у всех», видео

At the same time, the artist can often be seen in the company of Dmitry Kolyadenko at different social events. However, she Bilyk has repeatedly stated that for many years, they with the former spouse are just friends. However, many fans see them as a loving couple and continue to root for their relationship.

Ирина Билык получила предложение руки и сердца: «сделал это на глазах у всех», видео

Recall Bilyk is infatuated with the fiery way: “the Beast is out hunting.”

As reported Politeka, Iryna Bilyk became a laughing stock because of the new image: “hybrid Pugacheva Rasputina”.

Also Politeka reported that 43-year-old Mogilev showed archival the with Irina Bilyk.