Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper broke up: what does Lady Gaga

Ирина Шейк и Брэдли Купер расстались: при чем тут Леди Гага

Russian supermodel Irina Shayk has broken up with her husband, American actor Bradley Cooper

It is reported by the tabloid MTO News.

“They’re not together, and statement about their parting is inevitable”, — stated in the message publication. At the same time, the author claims that the couple divorced not because of Lady Gaga, which after the filming of the movie “a Star is born” is credited with an affair with Cooper.

Ирина Шейк и Брэдли Купер расстались: при чем тут Леди Гага

According to rumors, the conflicts, the star couple began against the background of different views on coverage of his personal life in the media and social networks.

“Bradley always wanted to keep his personal life secret, while Irina believes that should be the issue in the media. Lately, she’s also more provocatively posing in the photos in Instagram, and recently she attended the Met Gala alone (Bradley had to attend),” reports the insider.

We will note, after the release of the film “a Star is born” Cooper at the award ceremony “Oscar” departed not from Lady Gaga, a couple of the group sang, laughed, hugged and held hands. Earlier it was reported that the famous Russian model, wife of U.S. actor Bradley Cooper Irina Shayk showed social networks figure in their underwear, which caused a heated debate on the network.

“My favorite triangle bra”, — signed photo of the Shake. Many commentators asked Irina, is it true that her marriage with the American actor Bradley Cooper broke up.

Ирина Шейк и Брэдли Купер расстались: при чем тут Леди Гага

“I hope that news true that you broke up with Bradley,” wrote one of the fans of Irina in the comments of the post, which caused a wave of anger other fans Shake:

“Look at this crazy fan of Gaga’s, supporting someone’s family to ruin the relationship. Awkward! Karma is coming for you! Watch out! Oh, and sorry to break your bubble, sweetheart, did you read fake website – tabloid newspaper which publishes the same post every month for attention ha ha ha!”

We will remind, Irina Shayk showed an alluring shape in the “transparent” swimwear “Goddess”

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