IPhone Xr, are worth paying attention to

Yesterday was held the presentation of Apple, where the company also showed the most expensive smartphone in its history – iPhone XS Max. The model will appear on the market with a price tag from $ 1099. (for the version with a modest 64GB of memory on Board), while the new “budget” iPhone, the XR will cost 749$. (for the version with the minimum amount of memory, LCD display and single camera). For comparison, an Android smartphone with similar “on paper” performance will cost twice cheaper. 112.ua analyzes how the presentation will affect the mobile market

Особенности iPhone Xr, на которые стоит обратить внимание

Not like himself

The presentation of the new iPhone has always been different from Android announcements that Apple wasn’t trying to delve deeply into the technical details, making it rarely and only where very necessary.

The company sold a dream, but a dream is not calculated in gigahertz and megapixels. Dream is “wow”. A “wow” from Apple was rife. The user could only marvel at how quickly and perfectly it works iPhone on the background of the brakes and buggy androids as perfectly removes his camera, though he has no idea how many times competitors surpass its structure by number of megapixels. It doesn’t matter because the result is on his side.

This time it was different. The lion’s share of time devoted to the announcement of the flagship iPhone XS, speakers Apple, constantly apologizing for the complexity of the topic (although someone who, as the press and technical experts in this area so as not to scare), immersed the audience in the complex world of machine learning, neural processors, transistors and operations (“A12 Our new Bionic handles 5 trillion operations per second, this is delicious!”)

What has changed? Why this was so? It’s very simple and very unpleasant for the producers (especially the celestials), which from all sides are catching up and displace an inexpensive and practical Chinese brands.

Buyers no longer feel the advantages that gives them flagship smartphone, has ceased to rapidly upgrade the flagships. Sale the world average, if not fall dramatically, we did not grow. But Apple used to only move up in the company to steadily raise prices on smartphones, and to justify it, the buyer gives the feeling that it will touch the miracle (which will cost him more than 1000 dollars).

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Особенности iPhone Xr, на которые стоит обратить внимание

The Verge

Because now he will get the best screen (“even higher resolution, dynamic contrast, look at the detail of the game, look at the details in the dark areas of the image”, capacity to the point that can be noticed by the human eye), better performance (those trillions of operations per second, support for augmented reality, machine learning, game account by using image analysis and other fantastic things), greater energy efficiency, which it in fact will not feel because his iPhone will handle the trillions of transactions and to eat on this thing the battery.

How to sell what you feel? Properly, to tell you all the details about how much faster and better buy, to give a sense of superiority at the level of theory. In the ephemeral world of the dream is sold that way.

Sell the dream

Thus, at yesterday’s presentation, Apple once again proved that the best in the world she can do one thing – sell. And now competitors from the Android environment will have a long way to go to catch up with her in this field. Of course, they, too, will change after this presentation, not to look backward.

Someone will take the price and performance on paper, someone will borrow a new way of selling dreams – extolling the opportunities that the user never feel it. Somebody did not understand and soon will die. After all, components, design and chip sets all plus or minus the same. Yes, in Android-world first Huawei unveiled its 7-nm chipset, which is exactly the same ready for what is now called artificial intelligence in smartphones. Qualcomm and Samsung are lagging behind, but this lag will not last long.

It does not change fundamentally in-chief: from now on producers of the flagship smartphone will sell a dream, because that is the only way to sell more expensive devices (and devices will be even more expensive, this trend has already emerged, and it is confirmed by analysts).

The price of smartphones will fly up to the sky, the characteristics will become even more exorbitant and not always giving the user actual feeling the benefits. If a few years ago to get a device without any compromises, had to fork out for the top model, it is now possible to give preference to middle class, and in the very near future any basic needs will be to close for state employees.

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Therefore, most likely, some time this story will work (if not working, Apple would not have used it), but more affordable brands will continue to tightly penetrate into the low and middle segment, criss-crossing web of those who have no money to dream.

As a new iPhone will be sold in Ukraine

Not far to seek. On the eve of the Apple announcement of the Ukrainian mobile operator “Kyivstar” reported the number of different iPhone models in the network. In principle this picture provides a comprehensive answer to the question, what will change for Ukrainians the announcement of the new models.

Особенности iPhone Xr, на которые стоит обратить внимание

the press service of “Kyivstar”

18% of the devices in the largest mobile network is the iPhone 5S. Another 15% is iPhone 6. And then on the drop-down. For the most expensive model at the time of release – iPhone X – accounts for only 5%. A quarter of all iPhone owners are within the Kiev region.

The statement did not mention of how to change the iPhone to its network in recent years. But, judging by the fact that for the second place on sales in Ukraine are fighting two Chinese brand is not the best way.

Ukraine – a small and rather poor market. It differs significantly from the wealthy American and European markets. Only here on the world map, more countries like Ukraine than countries like the USA (by the way, unlike the third world countries then smartphone sales are still growing). The changes in them greatly affect the world’s landscape. Alone and poor and developing India with a billion people and a huge request to the mobile device in the last quarter of last year worsened the great statistics on smartphone sales in the region and in the world.

The American press has traditionally embraced a new Apple product well, although in current media publications and experts feel the restraint.

“At Samsung, Huawei and Honor today is definitely the occasion. Large and cheerful, with songs and dances. Oh how good they feel now,” – wrote in his Twitter market expert Eldar Murtazin.

In the analytical publication on Mobile-Review the expert says that this year the company’s strategy to sell smartphones without much revolution, but a large profit will be a failure.

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“Maybe in the mythical world of some company may charge extra money for the brand, when offers absolutely nothing new towards the market, and Apple for many years has done this. But in 2019, the situation in the world will be fundamentally different, and the strategy Apple do not take into account, so it is easy for people to give money for iPhone will no longer be”, — stated in the article.

“As in previous years, will be the same: the world will not turn over and will not change. Those who wanted to buy a new iPhone, buy it. Those who are not going to buy it again convinced itself that it is a waste of money. There is a third, more balanced position to purchase cheaper previous model, because to change a smartphone every year has little meaning. Or even to try something different for a change”, — says Sergey Mityaev, co-founder of the site about the technique gagadget.com.

If to speak about sales, “a dozen” in Ukraine, the forecasts are rather optimistic. “The new iPhone XR, XS and XS Max turned out to be variations of “ten”, released last year. Apple is not used in the new phones of any revolutionary technology, and “appearance” iPhone X can be found in every second “Chinese”. But, despite the lack of technological breakthrough, the new gadgets have the potential to become the next bestsellers. Three price judgments and their adapted versions for the Chinese market will allow Apple to take more market niches”, — commented the press service of the MOYO.UA.

In the “Citrus” has announced prices for the new iPhone XR – 29 999 UAH, iPhone XS – 39 999 UAH, iPhone XS Max – 44 999 UAH. In a press release the company said that, in her opinion, “three new iPhone models and a revolutionary smart watch is guaranteed to provide growth of sales on the Ukrainian IT-market in the 4th quarter 2018 90%+ compared to the previous year.”

Maybe this year Apple will again show excellent annual results and possibly not. Perhaps other smartphone manufacturers will be chasing a model. But the only thing that will change globally in third world countries, — carrier networks will begin to dominate the cheapest iPhone model on one generation younger.


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