iPhone replace a passport: what to prepare users

Smartphones are getting more and more power over our lives. And it’s not just social networks and games, but also in payment systems, and now — in identification

iPhone заменит паспорт: к чему готовиться пользователям

American Corporation Apple applied to the technology of personal identification through the iPhone. Surprisingly, in the 21st century, the phone can replace one of the most important documents.

Apple is not in place and deeper is introducing their inventions into the daily life of the modern man: iPhone can transform into a passport.

iPhone заменит паспорт: к чему готовиться пользователям

The idea is based on the transfer of data from a protected storage to the requesting information to the authority, reports Apple Insider.

Apple intends to provide information about the person with a mobile device using RFID technology — for example, through NFC.

The safety of their users, developers are not spared. Technology biometric verification with Touch ID and Face ID will ensure the protection of data access.iPhone заменит паспорт: к чему готовиться пользователямpoliteka.net

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