Invisible threat kills Ukrainians at home: how to protect yourself and family

Невидимая угроза убивает украинцев дома: как обезопасить себя и родных

In Ukraine there are more cases of mortality due to ignoring necessary safety rules at home

Every day across the country there are new incidents of carbon monoxide poisoning. To protect yourself from the dangers of the gas equipment twice a year to entrust to a professional.

Carbon monoxide, as we know, has neither taste nor smell, therefore, at risk is anyone who has any gas appliances in the home. Toxicologists warn that the colder the winter, the more victims of carbon monoxide.

Невидимая угроза убивает украинцев дома: как обезопасить себя и родных

It is connected directly with the fact that people are more heated and less likely to ventilate the room.

Delayed a routine inspection of gas appliances is the main cause that can lead to terrible consequences. Victoria private house and three gas source in the house — boiler, plate and column. The woman believed that all her equipment is working perfectly, has not yet invited the chimney sweep.

The expert inspected the boiler and column, noting that the window, which is called the revision is locked. This is a big problem that a housewife could result in carbon monoxide poisoning. What can be blocked fresh air, the expert explained. “The source may be birds, various small animals, leaves, debris,” he said.

Experts also warn that poisoned never to assist in the room, because they can choke and rescuers. In this case it is better to call an ambulance.

We will note, earlier we reported about the safety rules on the ice, and how winter fun to turn into tragedy.

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Wintertime is in full swing, which means I have the opportunity to enjoy winter activities that are directly related to water: fishing, ice skating, ice swimming.

You should be careful with frozen water, in order to avoid the tragic accidents that unfortunately happen all the time, especially near rivers and lakes.

Therefore, due to the fact that the average temperature in the last few days has increased significantly, which means that the ice can be dangerous, remember the rules of conduct on frozen ponds.

Невидимая угроза убивает украинцев дома: как обезопасить себя и родных

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