Investments of $ 1.2 million at Inter Fences

alain-labrecque-pierre-miglierna-respectivement(Trois-Rivieres) The company Inter Three Rivers Fencing diversifies. $ 1.2 million of investments allow the addition of specialized equipment in order to bring the company to new levels.

“The investments allow us to exploit new markets outside the fence,” immediately said the CEO of Inter Fences, Denis Gravel.

“We can now make canvas garages, canopies, nurseries or greenhouses. First, we want to develop the Ontario and US markets. ”

These investments are made possible through financial support of $ 341,914 paid through the Economic Diversification Fund of the Centre-du-Québec and Mauricie. If $ 322,664 in the form of a loan, $ 19,250 represents non-repayable financial contribution of the state.

However, a major obstacle delaying the implementation of the Inter Fences business objectives. Management is looking for skilled workers, which seems far from simple. The management is ready to receive CVs from interested workers.

“For now and unfortunately, we can not access the Ontario and US markets by the lack of manpower we have in the region,” said President and CEO of Inter Fences.

“We miss at least five skilled workers … minimum. We especially need millwrights (millwright) that affect both the machining, hydraulics and electronics. That’s workforce increasingly hard to find. ”

The company Inter Fences has a business model rather interesting. This is a group of retailers and fence installers from across Quebec who have partnered to manufacture products. This enables better purchasing power, but also to ensure the quality of products sold.

“We, the businessmen grouped in Inter Fences, our own consumers,” said Denis Gravel. “It allows us to always have a consistent product that we set ourselves.”

The announcement of investments Economic Diversification Fund of the Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec was carried out by the member for Trois-Rivieres, Jean-Denis Girard, on behalf of the Deputy Premier and Minister of Small and medium Enterprises, regulatory Relief and Regional economic Development, Lise Thériault.

“Inter fencing is the most important group of professionals fence in Canada,” said the member for Trois-Rivières. “The company is an economic engine for the region. The investment will enable it to continue to grow and generate jobs in the region. ”

Since April 2014, the Economic Diversification Fund of the Mauricie and Centre-du-Quebec – created following the closure of the Gentilly-2 – has allowed the realization of 134 projects through public investments 31 $ 3 million.

Adding private investment, economic diversification fund is the source of approximately $ 185 million investment. This has enabled to create or consolidate nearly 2,500 jobs.

At least one other offer related economic Diversification Fund will be held on Thursday as the minister Lise Thériault will be visiting the region. It must announce investments at a dinner of the Annual General Meeting of Manufacturers of the Mauricie and Centre-du-Quebec.

In the morning, the Deputy Prime Minister convened the press to an announcement Wharf St. Angela on Regional Corporation of Bécancour.

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