Interview with François-Xavier Demaison : “At 40 years old, you can’t build without destroying” – Here

Actor, producer, comedian, theatre director,… is all of it at once. Despite everything, he was keen to respond to us as a single man.

Here – from the 19th of December, itsees you on M6, inQuadras,a series in eight episodes announced as the cardboard of the fall…
François-Xavier Demaison We wanted with the M6 series close to the people, on the crisis in the middle of life. Because in the end, the quadras, these are the ones who have both their parents and their children, the seizures are multiple… It is a series of very caustic occurs in a marriage, at the table of honor, and each episode highlights one of the guests.

Your character leaves his wife with whom he has a daughter, remarries, goes againto zero… It is a little of what you have been throughit not so long ago, no ?
It has been the experience of many people. I don’t know if this is the midlife crisis, but I believe that a lot of people will be in the series.

You are what kind of a dad with your daughter ?
I try to be as present as possible, in spite of a busy schedule. Now for example, she is with me and I accompanied him to school every day.

You would have other children with your new partner ?
Unlike my character who is sterile, I believe that I can still. (Laughter) Finally, unless I’ve left it too long on my mobile phone in my pockets because it seems that the waves are bad for fertility…

You’re going to have 44 years old, and as said, one of the heroes of theForties, is thatthe decisions that we take afterage 40 are necessarily good ?
What is sure, is that these are important decisions, which have important consequences. Change of job, family, city… 40 years, this is an age where you can’t build without destroying. It is a great responsibility, because we caused a lot of harm. It is very brave to take this kind of decision at that age. There are those who have the courage to stay and those who have that of from. In both cases, it is a form of courage… or of cowardice. (Laughter)

If you are organizing a dinner this evening, with six celebrities you would invite that ?
People who like the wine-as Stéphane de Groodt. Of the people I loved turn : Francois Cluzet, Antoine de Caunes, Pierre Niney, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Hugo Gélin…

Uh… What men ???
Ah, yes ! Then I would add Reem Kherici and my two sisters, they are not known but are gaining to the be…

And you cuisinerais what ?
An omelette with truffles – I am sick of the nose – with a salad, a good cheese board and corsican wines, because it is the region of my mother.

You know you’ve done a lot of films made by women ?
Yes, I love working with women. I assume part of my femininity, despite my physical small wild boar.

You have a profile rather round, ofgood living. It’s bugging you or you take itas a compliment ?
So, in fact, when I compared it to a wild boar, it was, especially compared to the power and virility.

Ah pardon ! No, but you’re not fat, huh…
No, but I struggle when all the time against my 5 extra pounds.

Good Ah ? You struggle how ?
(Thinking) Well, actually, I realize that I don’t struggle much. Finally, if I fight, but until the hour of the aperitif. And here I say to the person with who I am : “Go, it is a glass ! “All day I been looking forward to this moment, the little bit of white to 19 h…

Do you have the sheets, it didn’t prevent you to seduce her…
Yes. This is when I was 20 years old that it was hard. I thought I could play the young first, I had a drill bit, I had a book with pictures in black and white, handsome, except that it was not the job that I was destined to be a theatre. Later, when I was offered the role of Coluche at the cinema, I really understood that right, it was not waiting for me on action movies, and the roles of hunk.

Nevertheless, you have been nominated for the César…
Yes, and it has accelerated everything. After I made forty-five films, I was lucky.

Finally, you’re a little wild boar happy. Have you ever seen a shrink ?
Once, a session. Since then, I do interviews, it’s the same…

Interview by Sophie Brugeille

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