Interview – Its balance sheet as Miss Universe, his loves, his return to France : the confidences of Iris Mittenaere – Here

On the 26th of November in Las Vegas, Iris Mittenaere will make his crown for Miss Universe. A few weeks of the election, the young woman confided to to discuss the record of his extraordinary year and unveil the projects that await his return to France.

How do you live your last few weeks as Miss Universe ?
It is a little difficult at the moment (laughs). I have a lot of things to do because I have to fill my boxes to return to France and prepare me for Las Vegas, where I will make my crown. I don’t really have time to think about it. I’m going to be sad at the moment to make my crown, but I’m also pretty excited because I am in France and I have a lot of projects. There are a lot of things at the same time ! It is not easy to manage !

You will thus not keep your crown !
No, it is a crown that is passed on. She has real stones, so we don’t keep it and I’ll move on to the next Miss Universe.

What conclusions can you draw this year ?
It is a positive one. I’ve had the chance to travel anywhere in the world. Work in English in the United States has brought me a lot of things for the learning of the language, for the way to work in the us. The trips I have really been mature and I’ve learned a lot about myself, about what I wanted. It was a year very interesting to me.

What have you just learned about yourself ?
The most important thing is to have self-confidence and never to be underestimated. I’ve learned to be comfortable in any situation and these are things that will help me in the future. I found myself on. I really know what I want. I don’t feel very different, but it is true that I have greatly matured since last year.

After a year spent in the United States, have you had the opportunity to meet Donald Trump ?
No, I have not met. He was the former president of Miss Universe so to avoid any confusion, no meeting was held.

How will happen after the Miss Universe for you ?
I have many projects in tv, in modeling. I’ve been lucky since the title of Miss Universe has opened doors. I have a lot of appointments coming home. I feel ready to do lots of things outside of France.

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And your studies of dental surgery in all this, are you going to resume ?
I have to re-take in September of the next year. So I have a few months to do lots of things. I really want to finish my studies, this is something that I am passionate about. I have already validated four years.

You must be doing very many project proposals. What is the craziest you’ve done ?
The worst are the marriage proposals. Often it is a joke, but sometimes it is a little crazy (laughter). But at the professional level, everything is filtered upstream.

With all the projects that await you, you are you left a little room for love ?
I hope that it will be ok. We will see at my return in France ! But my priority is my professional life for the moment. But I want people to know that everything is going well in my life, everything is going very well.

After your election, your grandmother was very worried. She must be mad with joy to have you back !
France I miss, I miss my family, so I returned. My grand-mother sent me messages every day. I think that it has never been as happy as I end my year. She was anxious that I come home and we spend Christmas together as a family. It has been an intense year for it too. I am glad that I get to be a little relieved and be present for it. This is something that is important to me.

What is the first thing you’ll do after coming back to France ?
I’m going to go kiss my family and go eat in a restaurant because I miss it (laughter)

Alicia Aylies will join you in Las Vegas for the election of Miss Universe. Do you think we can do a double ?
We have all our chances. Alicia is a beautiful young woman, she has an extraordinary beauty. This year, the jury will have more of an eye on France as we won last year. It will, therefore, have more media attention on it. She will be able to make his evidence. In all cases, it will do a great job. She has already represented wonderfully as Miss France.

What is some advice you would give to Alicia Aylies ?
I would tell him to relax and enjoy. I know she has a lot of pressure, as France was the winner of the last year. The more she will be relaxed, the more she will be able to enjoy and be smiling, revealing his true personality and, therefore, pleasing in the election.

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