International day of the girl greetings in prose

Most recently, in 2012, in the international calendar there is a new memorable date – October 11 – international day of girls. This celebration is intended to draw attention to social problems and inequality, which are relevant to future women.

Міжнародний день дівчаток - привітання в прозі


In mid-October, there is the good holiday in the world – international day of the girl child. And I heartily, this day I want to congratulate our young witches. Let your godparents fairies will give you the magical tale of childhood and will make your life colorful balls. Enjoy your fairy tale, I hope it is for you will never end, informs Rus.Media.

Today, on this wonderful day I want to congratulate all the girls of our beautiful planet. Let they sincerely rejoice in this celebration and mark this day to remember for a lifetime. And I sincerely wish only the best. May their lives be chocolate.

In this lovely October day on land it’s a real holiday – international day for our girls. Let this day be remembered for life, because our life so little joy. Let them have fun in full force, and then share memories with each other about how fun this day.


It’s our long – awaited holiday- the international day of the girl child. On this day I want to wish you, girls, that is true happiness. Let cheerful October sun gently lights up your Windows. Night and let the moon light your path and tell the stars to help find you happiness.

You, my good girls, today I want to congratulate. Let the international girls ‘ day will bring you the best and good that is in the world. Let your little eyes lit the flame of true love and happiness. I wish you to know this sincere feeling and enjoy plenty of them.

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Favorite girls!

Congratulations with the International day of the girl child. It’s your holiday, and only yours, dear. We wish you success in your studies, selection of the best profession and just have fun. Let the luck accompanies you in everything, and lady luck smiles upon you and helps you!

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