“Intergenerational Cubes” move, to stay in shape

dr-dominic-gagnon-instigateur-projetLiberal MPs Denis Lemieux and Serge Simard were among some 150 people who took part in the march of “intergenerational Cubes”, held Monday through port village of La Baie. The event, which takes place three times a week for the entire month of May is to move the entire population with students from elementary school St. Therese of the Bay.

About 150 walkers of all ages took part in the activity of “intergenerational Cubes” Monday at The Bay. A march held three times a week throughout the month of May.

“Physical health is important. I walk as often as I can with my wife. I’m going to Parliament on foot from my residence in Quebec. I take the stairs instead of the elevator, so that my knees can still function. When not stop moving, they do not ossify, “expressed Mr. Simard, Member of the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ).

Physical activity has always been a priority for his counterpart in the House of Commons. But since his election, Denis Lemieux admit I put a little aside his training.

“I’m an adventurer, a passionate Tour. I climbed Kilimanjaro twice. But I’m less since I was elected. When I have more experience in politics, my life will be more balanced and it will allow me to start again. But I must say I’ve never worked as hard. It’s worse than in my old business man living. I never thought that politics represented much work and commitment, “noted MP in Chicoutimi-the-Fjord.

Still, it wants Saguenay become the Canadian capital of healthy lifestyles. During his election campaign, Mr. Lemieux was also committed to better fund the Research Chair on healthy lifestyles UQAC if elected.

“Whenever I have the opportunity to get involved in a healthy lifestyle, I do. There are important messages that circulate. We begin to see doctors who want to cure rather than care. If people take care of themselves, disease go away. This is the message we want to launch, “pleads MP, pointing Dr Dominic Gagnon, instigator of” intergenerational Cubes “.

“People are told, made that choice. Make an effort to ensure that we stay healthy. Live long, that’s good. But we want to ensure with quality of life, “added MNA for Dubuc, Serge Simard.

Both politicians have obviously not spoken only of health. Several regional issues were discussed by the two men who walked a few kilometers together.

“From the beginning, we speak of the infrastructure program. We also want both the project Arianne phosphate occurs. There is also a military base that concerns us, especially with military drones. Our march is not finished, so we will continue our discussions, “replies Mr. Lemieux, before going up the 150 walkers.

The “intergenerational Cubes” takes place at 9 am at Pier 15 stopover of La Baie, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday of May, the month of cubic Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie. The instigator of the event, Dr. Dominic Gagnon, has partnered with St. Therese School to encourage people of all age groups to walk regularly.

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