Interesting genetics: the traits that the child can inherit from their parents

It’s safe to say that the children really are our little copies.

Цікава генетика: риси, які дитина може успадкувати від своїх батьків

Genetics is considered to be one of the most difficult medico-biological disciplines. Despite the serious achievements in the field of scientific and technical progress, about genes, we still know relatively little. Recent medical studies suggest that genes govern every aspect of our life: from the tendency for certain diseases to behavioral reactions. And his parents we very similar reason: the genes and here, “a hand”. Let’s find out what traits the baby could inherit from their moms and dads, informs Rus.Media.

Eye color

Perhaps the question parents most often discuss. Safe to say what color eyes the baby, impossible, but one can assume. Therefore, the manifestation of a particular color eyes, like any other characteristics in our body is determined by dominant and recessive genes. Most often the darker shades (brown, dark brown) is caused by dominant genes, and light (e.g., blue) is recessive. If you and your partner’s brown eyes, then the child has all the chances to inherit this color. But not strongly be surprised, if you are born blue-eyed baby.

Hair color

Here a similar situation. Dark hair color determined by dominant genes, and light is recessive. These genes regulate the functional activity of melanocytes (cells that produce the pigment melanin, which determines the particular color of the hair). The more eumelanin will produce cells, the darker the hair the child. But when you have a large number pheomelanin hair may change color in red. The dark-haired parents with a small probability a child may be born blonde, but the reverse situation is practically impossible.

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Teeth size, jaw shape are genetically determined, and the child may inherit these anatomical features of each parent. There is a perception that ussmsc baby receives from his father. And for good reason: a recent study found that by the father’s genes are more active than the genes of the mother. However, this feature is the negative side: the father of maxillofacial pathologies and abnormalities also increases the likelihood of their occurrence in a child.


Looking at most families, you can make a logical conclusion that children inherit height from their parents. Indeed, genetic factor plays important role, but need further scientific confirmation. In particular, a study published in the journal Nature, identified more than 700 genetic sequences, which to a greater or lesser extent affect the growth of the person.

The structure of the ear

The size and shape of the ear is one of the most obvious genetically inherited characteristics of a person. Children have almost no large ears, if parents have small ears, and Vice versa. Most often, the form of the ear of the boy is similar to my dad’s. Knew it before genetics and the mapping of these parts of the body even it was a kind of paternity test.

Thus, it is possible to tell with confidence that children really are our little copies. Genetics plays a huge role in the present and future of any person. Remember that in the process of planning of pregnancy it is necessary to undergo testing

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