Interesting facts about alpacas: beshara representatives of the camelidae family

Due to extremely thick hair it is perfectly adapted to life at high altitude.

Цікаві факти про альпак: безгорбих представників родини верблюжих

Alpaca is a South American domestic animal of the camelidae family. Alpacas live in the Andes at an altitude of 3500-5000 meters, on the territory of Ecuador, southern Peru and Northern Chile and Western Bolivia. Domesticated these creatures about 6,000 years ago the Indians of Peru. First of all, Alpaca is prized for its coat, which made blankets, clothes and other things, informs Rus.Media.

Until 2001, the Alpaca erroneously attributed to the genus Lama. But recent studies have shown that the ancestors of alpacas was vicuna. By the way, llama and Alpaca when crossed produce offspring called wario, and vicuna and Alpaca, called Paco-vicuña.

Цікаві факти про альпак: безгорбих представників родини верблюжих

Alpaca – animals are not very large : their size does not exceed one meter, they weigh about 70 kg. colors of the Alpaca is very diverse: there are two dozen shades, from white to brown and even black.

The nature of Alpaca is very shy and very intelligent animal that loves to be aggressive. In this sense, the Alpaca is very different from the lamas who want to spit at the offender, or to push him. Alpaca gets along well with the person.

There are two subspecies of Alpaca is the Suri (Suri) and Huacaya (Oikia). The first coat is very long and therefore more valuable, and the subspecies is considered rare. The second coat is much shorter, so the alpacas look like plush toys.

Up to two years alpacas peacefully graze and eat vegetation, then they begin to cut: once a year, taking 3-4 kg of wool. Trying to remove moderately, because the Alpaca can simply freeze. The wool that the animal gives up to 10 years, soft, silky and the road. Pet older than 10 years (Alpaca lives about 25 years) rougher and thicker, it allowed for the production of carpets and rugs. By the way, sometimes use llamas as shepherds who watch over the alpacas.

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Цікаві факти про альпак: безгорбих представників родини верблюжих

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