Intercession of the Theotokos: the original SMS greetings

Покров Пресвятой Богородицы: оригинальные смс-поздравления

On the feast of the protecting Veil of the Holy Mother Orthodox attend Church, pray, and greet each other, wanting the happiness, love and heavenly protection. Today, the ritual greetings a bit upgraded — now to send a card or poem can be plain TEXT.

The cover of divine Mother is an ancient Christian holiday, a symbol of heavenly protection, which is usually celebrated on October 14. On this day, Orthodox Christians greet each other and wish happiness, warmth, protection, and peace. Earlier to please his neighbor, a pleasant kind word can be had only directly communicating or sending a paper letter. With the development of mobile communication, this can be done with SMS. This feature allows you to simultaneously congratulate a few people for this, use the SMS-mailing.

Покров Пресвятой Богородицы: оригинальные смс-поздравления

In SMS you can put anything:

  • personal greeting;
  • picture;
  • music file;
  • verse;
  • prose;
  • card.

You can also combine some items, for example, to write a greeting and attach a music file.

It should be noted that the received SMS notification on the phone affects much more than an online message. This is because Internet chat messengers is something banal and bored, and SMS look like something fresh, though, and is “antiquity”.

Покров Пресвятой Богородицы: оригинальные смс-поздравления

Templates SMS greetings Cover

Of course, priests are advised to be congratulations on their own, leaving a part of himself, of his soul. But it often happens that not enough time, creative initiatives, or even desire, especially if you need to congratulate a large number of people. We offer several original templates greetings with the Holy virgin.

Greetings verses

“The intercession of the virgin, by the will of God,

May happiness bestow and sea heat

Hope, faith and family love

Will shelter from ills, troubles, evil!”

Покров Пресвятой Богородицы: оригинальные смс-поздравления

Here is one more positive pattern that can bring a good mood and a feeling of warmth even in the cold and sad person:

“St. Basil’s feast, laughter, fun,

Cozy, joyful, light!

Let him give inspiration

Prosperity, happiness and warmth!”

Покров Пресвятой Богородицы: оригинальные смс-поздравления

When worried for the man and wish him heavenly protection:

“May the Intercession of the Holy keep you from the evils, sorrows, troubles;

Let the angel from heaven always watching, never lose your trail.”

Покров Пресвятой Богородицы: оригинальные смс-поздравления

Universal message, which the author wants protection, happiness, warmth, and also don’t forget about loved ones:

“I wish that the Mother of God

You always protected

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To not let you suffer

And grace veils.

To bright angel along with it

Answered your prayers,

Many gave happy days

And supported in the everyday battles.”

Покров Пресвятой Богородицы: оригинальные смс-поздравления

Greetings prose, “in their own words”

“On the feast of the Holy virgin! I wish only the most sincere smiles, pleasant moments, surprises and patronage of Mother of God!”

“Congratulations! None of the worries and negativity! Plenty of smiles, health, love and goodness! A lot of surprises and bright stars in the sky! May God’s Mother defends and protects from all adversity!”

Greeting card

There are three main types of such cards:

  • without text (only an image of God’s Mother with the Veil in hand);

Покров Пресвятой Богородицы: оригинальные смс-поздравления

  • with a few words, e.g. “happy Cover”;

Покров Пресвятой Богородицы: оригинальные смс-поздравления

  • with full congratulations.

Покров Пресвятой Богородицы: оригинальные смс-поздравления

Do not write in SMS-greetings

Long SMS with a lot of unnecessary, sad or just inappropriate phrases, it is better not to send at all. Why? First, it will spoil the mood of readers, and secondly, this is not a greeting, but rather a disappointment.

SMS is not worth it:

  • to remember tragic moments;
  • focus on yourself (for example, “assume you will be all good as I have”);
  • to write in a negative way (e.g. “let’s not die in pain, the cat Barsik, and lives, and fun “grazing”);
  • to use all the “to the max”, that is, it is better not to overload the message content;
  • write two different poems or greetings, they begin to be perceived as normal templates, and not spiritual wishes.

Покров Пресвятой Богородицы: оригинальные смс-поздравления

A great sin in his congratulatory SMS to blame people for something, to invest the dashing overtones, threaten, lie, curse, blaspheme. You can only write sincerely, it is better not to congratulate in this case at all.

To write a message is day, because not everyone will rejoice, if he was at 3 a.m. will receive an SMS with congratulations.

A small conclusion

To congratulate a loved one with a Cover, no need to seek out some “beautiful”, “perfect” text or pictures. Should Express their feelings and thoughts, try to briefly and concisely to wish goodness, happiness, smiles, love, divine protection and attention from the blessed virgin, etc.

Congratulate your neighbor different ways: directly, saying kind words, online messengers, calling or sending SMS. Skidan messages of congratulations can be free, to do this is to choose a suitable rate.