Instagram hurts the psyche: experts tell how to treat

Instagram вредит психике: эксперты рассказали, как лечиться

Social networks have a negative impact on psychological health

This summer, Instagram had reached 1 billion active users. The person to 25 years old spend about 32 minutes a day, scrolling messages, and browsing history. Such “passive consumption”, the assurances of psychologists, can be devastating to the psyche.

As shown by research psychologists, using Instagram can affect the emotional state of a person due to envy of someone else’s “perfect life”. Experts have called 4 methods to overcome negativity and turn it into a positive stimulus for their own development.

Instagram вредит психике: эксперты рассказали, как лечиться

Research on the use of social networking from the Institute of human interaction and computer art at the University of Carnegie-Mellon share online social activity into 3 categories: direct communication with people, passive communication and broadcasting.

To defeat the bad feelings of the users of social networks need to recognize that the feeling of envy arises in another case, as the desire for something missing from the user. Significant therapy can serve as a communication with real people. The point is that many things in Instagram not quite true. This applies not only to edit images to obtain need the appearance, but and hire expensive cars, suits, services of models for a joint photo.

The illusion of the ideal life, drawn in Instagram, much faster collapses when people can get more information about what’s really going on when this photo was taken — and in the course of life of a particular “friend”. In addition, the study showed Carnegie Mellon, a direct relationship between people can strengthen your sense of self and to help in the fight with anxious, envious thoughts.

Instagram вредит психике: эксперты рассказали, как лечиться

Photos in Instagram can imagine several different categories of fantasy. Some tell their adventures, others win, and others still attract any things. Psychologists emphasize that it is important to understand how it is unrealistic to constantly have a positive situation. Experts urge to refuse subscriptions to those accounts that make people more envious. To do this, users will have to evaluate his condition and then firmly say “No”, not to be in a vicious circle.

Another great way to deal with negative social media activity is a kind of hobby, preferably one that involves physical activity.

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