Instagram allows you to track the location of those who use the network

A new option is disabled by default and hidden from ordinary users.

Instagram дозволяє відслідковувати геодані тих, хто використовує мережу

Unexpected departure from Instagram from its founders and the appointment of a new head has raised fears about the growing influence of Facebook on the service. And the first bell has already sounded, informs Rus.Media.

Insiders have discovered a new function. It allows products to Facebook, including Instagram and Messenger, to collect information about the user’s location, even if curtailed or shut down the app. Journal of GEODATA is an additional source of information for ad targeting. Without it will not work search free access points Wi-Fi function nearby Friends within the main Facebook app.

A new option is disabled by default and hidden from ordinary users. To request TechCrunch representatives of the service did not deny the rumors, but noted that at the moment Instagram does not store location history.

And yet it is becoming obvious that Instagram is losing its independence. Something similar happened with WhatsApp. The takeover of the messenger in 2014 Facebook promised not to merge the user accounts of the social network and WhatsApp, but after a few years stabilize. Even the European Commission fined the social network to 110 million Euro for fraud in the transaction.

By the way, DuckDuckGo survey in March this year showed that 57% of Americans do not know that the owner of Instagram is Facebook. And 45% did not know that YouTube is owned by Google.

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