Inside the patient’s eyes life began, the doctors didn’t believe what he saw: “moving and breathing”

Внутри глаза пациентки зародилась жизнь, врачи не поверили увиденному: "шевелились и дышали"

Doctors found that in the eye of one of their patients turned the whole life

The doctor was shocked when pulled from the woman’s eyes several 4-millimeter insect, the BBC writes.

Currently, the patient has been discharged from the hospital soon she’ll recover completely. Doctors have reported that the insects found in her eye — this Galactica, one of the species of bees.

The girl told that tore the weeds next to the graves of their relatives in a time when bees suddenly flew in her eyes.

At first she thought it was dirt, but after a while his eyes started to swell and hurt, after which Ho immediately went to the hospital. Taiwanese doctors found that in the eye there lived four little bees.

Dr. Hong, an ophthalmologist, said:

“She couldn’t even fully close her eyes. I looked in the crack under the microscope and saw something black, like a claw insects. I took this limb and very slowly began to pull it out. Then I saw another insect, then another, then another. They were still whole and alive.”

Внутри глаза пациентки зародилась жизнь, врачи не поверили увиденному: "шевелились и дышали"

Medic suggests that insects could accidentally fly into the girl’s eyes at the same time a gust of wind. He also noted that these bees to people are usually not attacked, but they are attracted to human sweat.

However, the consequences for girls could be different:

“She wears contact lenses, therefore not rubbed my eyes because I was afraid to break the lenses. If it did, the bees could release the poison, and the woman would be blind”.

As for the bees, Dr. Hong said that they were sent for research in another laboratory.

Внутри глаза пациентки зародилась жизнь, врачи не поверили увиденному: "шевелились и дышали"

Also earlier it was reported that doctors faced with rare phenomenon after the eye examination one of the patients. 48-year-old Taiwanese man came to the clinic after he injured the left eye of the shock-absorbing rope. About it, reports Live Science.

As a result of injuries the man’s eyes looked like a cloudy aquarium with a sandy bottom. The victim told doctors that he hurt himself when he tried to pin the products to the motorcycle by a cable which snapped and hit him right in the eye. The man complained of pain, blurring of vision and diplopia (double vision) in the affected eye.

Examination showed that the man had bruises on the left century and a distorted pupil, but most importantly — deformed iris. Doctors have diagnosed “a traumatic iridodialysis”. This kind of eye damage that occurs when a blunt trauma to the iris.

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