Insecurity trains: the problem persists

1207477Since the tragedy of Lac-Mégantic, in July 2013, there was a lot of blah, Security conferences, surveys, research and $ guilty hundred million flamed, but I think not much has changed!

In view of the railway technology, except that diesel locomotives replaced those with steam, there is not much different to the base for more than 100 years in the rail!

Imagine a large truck today with the same system of checks a truck for years 1925-1930. This break-in there mouths? Although the trains, that’s it! A pressure hose bursts, more pressure and forget the brakes! A truck today must have some pressure to the brakes are unlocked and if a hose breaks, the brakes are automatically applied.

We must modernize the railway technology (…) and stop the fruitless discussions circling around nothing! And stop having blinders before railway equipment reached the end of their useful life. (…).

Thus, finished locomotives remain in operation for days just to pollute without monitoring to keep the pressure in the brakes. Fini also see the number of lonely cars that go adrift! (…).

Luc Thibault, Sherbrooke

An unfortunate decision
Lives in Sherbrooke recently, I asked just last week information on this tour (Note: By the way Productions Traces of frescoes and Souvenances). Or La Tribune tells me on Saturday that I can not do the activity. This is unfortunate because these murals are a characteristic of Sherbrooke and is a nonsense not to use this tour to publicize Sherbrooke.

My God that political decisions are sometimes incomprehensible. Hopefully they will adjust shooting.

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