Insatiable monster attacked the Ukraine: multiply the speed of light

Ненасытные чудища атаковали Украину: размножаются со скоростью света

In the Carpathian region was the invasion of the omnivorous monsters that destroy everything in its path

Ukraine this year suffering from the onslaught of slugs. The latter are small or huge, but they all share one thing — they eat leaves and damage plants.

In particular, in Ivano-Frankivsk region most red Spanish slug (urinoma). This was reported by Galina danyluk — the chief of Department of forecasting of phytosanitary diagnostics and risk analysis of Gospodarevskaya in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

The slug multiplies rapidly, being hermaphrodites. One individual slug can lay up to 400-500 eggs. From eggs that survived the winter, in early summer, hatch into young birds. They grow fast and after two months, reaching sexual maturity begin to multiply. As a result, in August, they accepted to inflict great harm.

Ненасытные чудища атаковали Украину: размножаются со скоростью света

This “monster” eats everything in its path: tomatoes, cabbage, raspberries, marigolds and more. Slugs eat the leaves holes and can completely destroy lamina.

Specialists Gospodarevskaya is recommended to dig the ground. Slugs overwinter in the egg stage up to the depth of ten inches. You also need to collect the slugs by hand and to clear the area from debris. As highlighted, snails hide in damp places under deciduous trees.

These pests are omnivorous, so can eat even cat food and drinking milk. Slugs can get into the house.

It is worth noting that terrestrial mollusk quickly spread across Europe. In particular suffer from it the Scandinavian countries, because the slug can eat up to 30% of the strawberry crop.

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Ненасытные чудища атаковали Украину: размножаются со скоростью света

Slug carried by the Ukraine plant materials for landscaping. As noted by the media, for the importation of these plants don’t need supporting documents. For example, in Western Ukraine, “the beast” came from Poland, and later with the planting of Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. For its reproduction it only takes a few surviving eggs.

Get rid of the slug can be manually, or use the Council of the Swedes to hold BC is to use the organisms that eat the eggs and young individuals.

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