InnovMetric: universality goes from dream to reality

marc-soucy-president-cofondateur-entreprise(Quebec) While the last fiscal year ended with a growth of 35%, InnovMetric embarks on a great adventure with its software platform 3D metrology. After an investment of $ 10 million in research and development, a new universal solution for controlling robots measure will be marketed.

“For some time, we can control any robotic meter from our software platform PolyWorks” said Marc Soucy, president and cofounder of the company. “These devices have their own control software and their features. We innovate with a comprehensive solution in the process steps for the production of parts in aerospace and automotive. ”

Robots measure, called Coordinate Mesuring Machine (CMM) could be controlled only by the software manufacturer. so operators had to use two platforms to run them. InnovMetric has found a way to do everything with one software for all operations.

This dream of a comprehensive and universal solution has pointed the nose there are seven. After several years of research, the dream becomes reality. “What is particularly innovative is that we can control all types of aircraft in its class,” says Marc Soucy. “For our customers, this results in the formation of a single software, more efficiency, less loss of time and a lot more flexibility. Ultimately, this results in economies of scale. ”

Since the announcement of the new features of the platform, InnovMetric customers began to test and given their feedback, even if everything was not fully developed.

“Our market is quite traditional,” says Mr. Soucy. “I was very surprised by the enthusiasm shown by all those who put our solution to the test.” If the overall solution is not quite the case of manufacturers of famous CMM, it amply glad customers InnovMetric, who expects another year of good growth.

subsidiaries News

In addition to financial growth, the Quebec company has opened subsidiaries in France and Italy. Another is about to open in Spain. At the same time, the company has helped to create a joint venture in Turkey to deploy its platform.

“The European market and Turkey offer many opportunities for our products because of the aerospace industry and the presence of many car manufacturers,” explains Mr. Soucy. The philosophy behind the subsidiaries is to train customer staff and provide technical support in the local language.

As for the likely effects of the release of Britain from the European Community, Mr. Soucy thinks they will lead to some losses because the contracts are traded in local currency. Fluctuations in the fall in the value of sterling will be negative.

What is Metrology?
The science of measurement. The InnovMetric software, marketed under the name PolyWorks can analyze data from different measurement devices, such as scanners or 3D precision sensors. Metrology ensures the traceability and reliability of measurements, which are required for mastering manufacturing processes and ensure product quality.

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