Innovative garden has released the first preschoolers

Инновационный сад выпустил первых дошкольников

The Academy of preschool education LeapKids held a graduation party of the first graduates of happiness.

Young academics brilliantly demonstrated that learned this complex subject by heart.

In LeapKids every moment given the chance to be the most beautiful in your child’s life, but when of the best in Ukraine preschool institutions are available in the adult life of his first pupils is a special day. This mystery of the birth of new traditions, which became not only the celebration, but creating with their own hands the mysterious scroll, which will now be passed on for years from alumni to their younger colleagues – the kids. Well, of course, a kind of summing up the annual work of a team of teachers and specialists of the Academy of Happiness over the creation of a unique kindergarten for the new format, which has no analogues on the Ukrainian market. This is also confirmed by a solemn ceremony of awarding the prestigious certificate of Partnership with the world leader in the field of English language learning – international organization British Council. “We are pleased that our exclusive on the territory of Ukraine the course of English for the youngest, received LeapKids such a brilliant realization, – said Simon Williams, Director of the British Council and the attaché for culture in Ukraine. – Highest standards of teaching, quality of the material-technical base and sincere enthusiasm, demonstrated in the course of this project, convince us of the correctness of the choice of a partner and a large potential for further cooperation.” And on this day the results were demonstrated in all its splendor and inexhaustible children’s talents.

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Инновационный сад выпустил первых дошкольников




Started the prom by awarding graduates their first documents – diplomas after the innovative children’s preschool institutions in Ukraine.

During the festival young graduates recited poems in Ukrainian and acted as musicians and singers, ably comped myself various musical instruments. Musical numbers, hilarious songs and complex choreography, but most importantly – the absolute looseness and the naturalness of innovative students of the kindergarten have become the best illustration of a stunning creative, friendly atmosphere that prevails in these unique walls. Thus, the outstanding acting ability of the graduates, their colorful costumes and dancing turned well-known tale of the magic lamp of Aladdin in a musical worthy of Broadway. And all the roles were performed in English. Touching to tears was the room, which was performed by young mothers with their sons-graduates, who were their dance partners. Not far behind, and daughters who have dedicated their fathers incendiary song.

Инновационный сад выпустил первых дошкольников



Extremely emotive and drawn by the teachers of the Academy of psychological portraits of each graduate, which is based on subtle observations of the children they tried to imagine their future. And it will definitely be beautiful. After all, the whole staff of the Academy – educators, psychologists, speech therapist, nutritionist, chef, medical staff, maintenance and administration – are doing everything in order to realize the main motto LeapKids, which States that every child has the right to a happy childhood.

Natalia Kiryanova

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